It happened on XV VI MCCCX: re-enactment of the conspiracy of Baiamonte Tiepolo against the Republic of Venice

do not miss one of the most fascinating historical reenactments in Veneto!

15 June 2016


Do you know the famous story La vecia del Morter? The Venice events in June 2016 will offer the opportunity to attend one of the most fascinating historical re-enactments in Veneto: the Tiepolo conspiracy of Baiamonte against the Republic of Venice.

On June 15, one of the most fascinating historical re-enactments in the Venice events calendar at the Mercerie dell'Orologio will take place!

Belonging to one of the most powerful families in the Republic of Venice, Baiamonte Tiepolo became one of the greatest conspirators in the history of Venice. On June 15 in 1310 Baiamonte Tiepolo conspired to overthrow the government of the Venice Republic, and resize the excessive power of the patrician class.

The revolt was organized with the support of two other prominent Venetian families, the Querini and Badoer and it was supposed to start in different areas of Venice and then converge in St Mark's Square to attack the Doge's Palace and kill the Doge Pietro Gradenigo.

The fascinating historical re-enactment event in Venice in June brings back to life the events of that distant day and the tragic end at dawn: Venice was overwhelmed by a heavy storm while the conspirators set out for St. Mark's Square and divided into two groups.

Headed by the Querini family, the first group found the Giustiniani and Dandolo families waiting for them along with the Doge himself, who had been warned by one of the conspirators who retreated at the last moment. The men panicked and fled, leaving only the second group led by Baiamonte Tiepolo. The 'coincidental' intervention by Mrs. Lucia (or Giustina) Rossi, the Vecia col Morter, marked the final defeat of the rebels.

The Venice event in June aims to bring to life the atmosphere and events that affected that distant day. A herald in costume and some figurants retrace the route of the rebels recounting the events as they occurred, in old Venetian and English.

The re-enactment will follow the dynamics of the conspiracy in the fascinating places that witnessed the unfolding events of that exciting day: the start is at 10:30am at the Mercerie dell'Orologio, near the Clock Tower in St. Mark's Square. The itinerary of the historical re-enactment will then include the Clock Tower, the Bridge of Dai, the Rialto Bridge and St Luca Square and conclude with a flag-raising ceremony of the banner.

The Ponte dei Dai (bridge) is the point at which the first group of insurgents was stopped by the faithful of the Doge shouting 'Dai! Dai!' ('Come on!), from where the bridge's name could have been derived; Rialto Bridge, at the time made from wood, was burned to delay the advancing Doge's troops; St Luca Square still houses today a flagstaff erected by the Venetian Republic in memory of the victory over the Baiamonte Tiepolo conspiracy.

One of the most exciting Venice events in June 2016. You can follow the story and relive the excitement of that stormy day in some of the most beautiful areas of the historic centre. An experience to discover Venice through its fascinating history.

The event is organized by Società di Mutuo Soccorso Carpentieri Calafati in collaboration with Albatravel Venezia.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff