Realtà Contemporanea

From 27 November 2008 to 20 December 2008

As part of the art event Accade the Galleria Scalamata is exhibiting the photography cycle Contemporary Reflections by Martina Dinato, and the installations Intreccio, Fabula by Francesco Fonassi and Camera Chiara by Lucia Caterina Margherita. Both these forms of expression propose an exploration into the recent transformations stemming from the relationship between time and space. The reality in which we live is based on the concept of instantaneity where both the past and the future lose their own value, and the spatial variables take second place to temporal ones. The artistic research of Caterina Margherita offers a reflection on our mode of perceiving the transformation of the spaces which we inhabit. Her site-specific installation breaks up the environment and endows it with a fragmented and heterogenous vision, playing with the audience and testing their capacity to observe. Martina Dinato, on the other hand, through her photographs focuses on the solitude of isolated locations transformed by time. She investigates subjective peripheral spaces by a continual mutation which often leads to the necessity of utilising a new system of fruition. [CHE CAZZO SIGNIFICA QUESTA???!!!] The other installation, by Francesco Fonassi, investigates the rapport established between the spectator and exhibition space, between the public and the work of art. With this work the artist intends to underline the great distance foremd between these two planesCurated by Katia Baraldi, Marta Gorini, Elena Santagiustina.

Inauguration 27 November 7 p.m.

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Period: From 27 November 2008 to 20 December 2008

Event location: Galleria ScalaMata - Venezia

Contacts: telephone (+39) 041 7792011