Redentore Festival 2015

the most anticipated weekend of the year!

From 18 July 2015 to 20 July 2015


The Redentore Festival is one of the great Venice events in 2015 and awaits you on Saturday 18th and Sunday July 19th! Events, parties and fireworks to celebrate the weekend's most anticipated event of the year!

Following a fascinating tradition that combines more than 400 years of history and folklore, the date of the festa del Redentore in Venice in 2015 takes place on the third weekend of July.

Make a note of the dates and hurry to book your stay in the Venice lagoon: the Redentore Festival in Venice promises, like every year, to be one of the most acclaimed events of the Venetian calendar!

Exclusive Venice summer events on the water or in the elegant buildings of the historic centre enliven the night of the festival of the Redeemer in Venice 2015: dances and celebrations of all kinds will continue until dawn, pausing only around 11.30 pm to watch the incredible Redentore firework Festival of 2015: a display of 40 minutes of pure magic that enchants the entire world and represents the most awaited event of the entire weekend! The Venice Redentore fireworks light up the entire city with cascades of coloured lights, reflections on the water and the play of shadows and lights that stand out on the facades of buildings and famous monuments.

Joining the Festival of the Redeemer in Venice, Italy and its many events is a dream for many people. Given the influx of tourists coming to Venice during the feast of Redeemer in Venice 2015, you should plan and book your stay well in advance! The choice of hotel is important to keep in mind as hotel prices are soaring in the historic centre so you could consider accommodation on the nearby mainland and reach Venice by train or by public transport. Whichever accommodation you choose to take part in the Redentore Festival in 2015, you should consider also the time for transfers to / from the hotel: if you only have two days to visit Venice it would be a shame to waste precious time trying to arrange public transport to reach your destination! So remember to book online in advance your transfer from / to the airport or station to your hotel or, if you arrive by car, to reserve a parking space in one of the car parks in Venice island, or to check if your hotel has parking.

Once you have decided these two key points, you just need to organize your stay in Venice during the intense weekend of the Redeemer! Tours and excursions must take account of the time at your disposal: first we recommend you fit into your schedule a visit to the must-see attractions, such as St Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace, an inevitable gondola ride and a walk through the intricate maze of narrow streets and bridges, which is one of the most popular features of the city on the water. And then it is up to the imagination! A fascinating guided tour of St Mark's Basilica, which includes access to two places that are not normally accessible, an unprecedented bacaro tour, a boat trip to Murano, Burano and Torcello. Our wide range of activities will offer you a thousand hints and ideas to organize a weekend to remember! If you have time and have a couple hours more, it is well worth visiting the museums of the Venetian Civic Museums Foundation: the old-world charm of the Correr Museum, included in an unpublished guided tour that also includes the Archaeological Museum and the Monumental Rooms in the St Mark's National Library, the fashion and fragrances of Mocenigo Palace, the testimonies of the golden age of Venice kept at Ca' Rezzonico - Museum of 18th-Century Venice, the collections at Ca' Pesaro, a splendid palace overlooking the Grand Canal divided between a important collection of modern art and the Museum of Oriental Art ... The choice is yours!

Do not underestimate the turnout at festivals and events of the evening of Saturday, July 18th: boat parties and gondola rides provide a limited number of places so it is better hurry and reserve your place in advance. If you prefer to watch the Venice Redentore fireworks along the banks of the canal, you should find your desired position well in advance. The best locations are usually along the Riva degli Schiavoni and the Giudecca, but they are usually occupied by early afternoon!

The Redentore in Venice is a festival deeply appreciated by the Venetians. Besides being a very spectacular event loved by tourists, the Redentore celebration in Venice is one of the oldest and most popular festivals in Venice: it commemoratesthe end of the terrible plague that during the 16th century decimated the population of Venice . To try and stem the pandemic, the Venetian Doge Alvise Mocenigo vowed to build a splendid basilica and so on the third Sunday of July in 1577, the first stone of the Church of the Redeemer on the island of Giudecca was placed; it was decided to celebrate the end of pestilence by setting up a floating walkway between Venice and the island of Giudecca on which marched a procession of the population and the highest officers and of the Republic. Today, the festa del Redentore 2015 is best known for the extraordinary fireworks display in the St Mark's basin, but the old traditions, including the votive bridge and the solemn celebrations presided over by the patriarch, continue annually as in 1577, keeping alive the deep and important meaning of the festival.

During the weekend of il Redentore in Venice, the program includes July 19th with celebrations to commemorate the epidemic of the 16th century: the solemn procession of the patriarch along the pontoon bridge set up between the Zattere and the island of Giudecca, the religious function in Church of the Redeemer and the regattas, which will close the festivities of the Redentore in Venice in 2015.

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July, the city on water is waiting to share one of its most magical and traditional festivals. Book your stay in Venice, for the Redentore 2015 that promises to be an event not to be missed!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff