Regata Storica 2014

A fascinating mix of history, tradition and rowing competitions

07 September 2014


On Sunday, September 7 the Regata Storica in Venice 2014 will take place. Venice is preparing to bring back to life the magic and charm of one of the most special annual events in the city on the water.


The Historical Regatta in Venice 2014 is reconfirmed as the last and most anticipated event in the calendar of the Venetian rowing, a discipline practiced for hundreds of years in Venice and its lagoon.

Before the rowing competition begins, the Regata Storica 2014 program will open with the traditional parade that offers a fascinating re-enactment of the great past of one of the most influential and powerful Maritime Republics in the Mediterranean.

Dozens of traditional boats from the 1500s will sail along the Grand Canal and rowers in costume, including the Duke, Duchess and most other offices of the Venice Republic. The Regata Storica in 2014 in Venice, Italy will give you a taste of the refined and festive atmosphere of the Venice Republic!

The splendid parade of vintage boats that recalls the arrival in Venice of the Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro, after her abdication in favour of the Venice Republic, will mark the beginning of the Venice Historical Regatta in 2014. If you want to attend the Regata Storica in 2014, the route will begin in the St Mark's Basin continuing along the Grand Canal to the Constitution Bridge, and then retrace the route back to the headquarters of Ca' Foscari.

There are various rowing races scheduled for the Regata Storica 2014 - the athletes are divided according to age and type of boat used - taking place at the end of the parade: the race of the young pupparini on two oars, regatta for women on two oars mascarete and the Regata Storica Caorline 2014 with six oars until the final race of the highly anticipated Regata Storica gondolini 2014 using just two-oars.

The route of the Historical Regatta Venice program will end, like for all the races, at the Machina, the original floating stage set up for the occasion in front of Ca' Foscari.

Venice Regata Storica 2014  on September 7:

Historical procession along the Grand Canal

Regatta of the young pupparini using two oars

Regatta of women on mascarete using two oars

Regatta of Caorline using six oars

Regatta of two-oared gondoliers


Folklore and competition in a fascinating plot that sails the waters of the Grand Canal. Do not miss the Venice Historical Regatta 2014 on the first Sunday of September for one day only.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 07 September 2014

Event location: Venice