René Burri & Ferdinando Scianna at the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice

'René Burri. Utopia' & 'Ferdinando Scianna. The Venice Ghetto 500 years later'

From 26 August 2016 to 08 January 2017


The autumn exhibition season in the lagoon opens with a big photo exhibition in Venice 2016! After the success of the exhibition dedicated to Helmut Newton, which ended on August 7th, Casa dei Tre Oci is ready to start a double exhibition dedicated to two giants of photography: 'René Burri. Utopia' and 'Ferdinando Scianna. The Venice Ghetto 500 years later', two different works, developed in total autonomy, arranged following a linear and coherent scheme.

From August 28th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017, the photography exhibitions in Venice, Italy are tinged of the colours of the historic Magnum agency: René Burri (who also became its president in 1982) and Ferdinando Scianna, in their diversity, are part of a large group of artists who decided to express their subjective views of the world through a camera... Burri's passion was that of documenting the great political and social changes of the time. Scianna, instead, prefers to try to capture 'moments of meaningfulness and form' that compose the chaotic flux of existence.

The projects on exhibition, very different one from another, are linked to two major events / occurrences in 2016 in Venice. René Burri's exhibition in Venice is logically connected to the Architecture Biennale 2016 which will run up to the end of November, while Scianna photo exhibition at Tre Oci in Venice presents 'Fernando's Ghetto', a new project commissioned by Casa dei Tre Oci to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Jewish Ghetto of Venice.

The splendid rooms of Casa dei Tre Oci on the island of Giudecca, which has become an established and much appreciated venue, open to one of the most original Venice photography exhibitions in 2016 … 100 pictures of René Burri, divided between ground and first floor of the building, and 50 photographs by Scianna located on the second floor. Visitors to this fascinating photography exhibition in Venice in 2016 will therefore deepen the knowledge of these two undisputed masters of photography of the 20th century along a very original path: from the photographs of René Burri restropective devoted to architecture and its protagonists, up to Ferdinando Scianna photos on the Ghetto of Venice, in a series of original prints.


'René Burri. Utopia'- on display at Casa dei Tre Oci, Venice - ground floor and first floor.

Created by Magnum Photos, in collaboration with Civita Tre Venezie and curated by Michael Koetzle.

For the first time the collection of Rene Burri photographs (Zurich, 1933-2014) dedicated to architecture is brought together in an exhibition in Venice, Casa dei Tre Oci. Famous buildings and portraits of great architects tell of an architectural concept, seen as a political and social tool, very similar to that of Alejandro Aravena, the South American architect called to curate the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

The shots of the great Swiss photographer are born from a need to tell the transformations and the historical, political and cultural changes of the 20th century, paying particular attention to the undisputed protagonists. Burri photography exhibition at Casa Tre Oci in Venice tells his version of architecture, conceived as a political and social operation which requires a vision of the world: architecture fascinates Burri and pushes him to move from one continent to another in the footsteps of the greatest architects of the 20th century. Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, Renzo Piano, Tadao Ando, Richard Meier … In the photo exhibition in Venice in 2016 the works and portraits of these great architects are combined with historic events such as the fall of the Berlin wall and the protests in Tiananmen square in Beijing in the spring of 1989.


'Ferdinando Scianna. The Ghetto Venice 500 years after '- on display at the Casa dei Tre Oci, Venice - second floor

Prepared following the assignment of the Venice Foundation specifically for Tre Oci, curated by Denis Curti.

An unpublished Ferdinando Scianna photography collection, realized on the occasion of the celebrations for the five hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice, which contains a fascinating insight into the everyday life of today's Ghetto. Portraits people, architecture, houses and places of worship: Scianna photo exhibition at Tre Oci in Venice proposes a street-photography style reportage, which does not neglect the historical, symbolic and ritual dimension connected to places and gestures. Churches, restaurants, squares and gondolas are described in a simple, and at the same time deep way, as a narrative that combines the present with the collective memory.

The Venice photo exhibition in 2016 at Casa tre Oci has been strongly supported in order to collect valuable evidence on the contemporary dimension of the Ghetto, a kind of photographic survey to document the relevance of the oldest Jewish Ghetto in Europe. Housed on the top floor, Scianna photo exhibition at Tre Oci in Venice (Bagheria, July 4, 1943), today considered one of the most important Italian photographers, is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue (Italian and English).

Denis Curti, curator of the exhibition of Ferdinando Scianna in Venice, states that the 'photographer has been able to build a delicate narrative […]. He has given shape to a collective memory by raising and distinguishing individual stories: you can feel the beauty and solemnity. […] The pain never expressed of the Holocaust. The stumbling blocks and the signs of an event destined to remain indelible. […] Within these photographs there is a tendency. The cardinal points become a hug and mark the lines of a visual confidence capable of entering into the boundaries of the intimacy of the many portraits that make up the complex mosaic of this experience: it is the language of suffering, the grammar of the bodies'.


From 26th August, 2016 to 8th January, 2017 do not miss the big new photography exhibition in 2016 in Venice: two great protagonists of the 20th century photography compose one of the most interesting exhibitions in Venice in recent years!

'René Burri. Utopia '- edited by Michael Koetzle

'Ferdinando Scianna. The Ghetto Venice 500 years after '- curated by Denis Curti

August 26th, 2016 - January 8th, 2017

Casa dei Tre Oci - Fondamenta delle Zitelle 43, Venice Giudecca Island


How to Reach Casa dei Tre Oci Venice

Public transport in Venice - water bus stop: Zitelle

  • from Piazzale Roma and the railway lines 4.1 - 2
  • from San Zaccaria Lines 2 - 4.2

Ferdinando Scianna & Rene Burri photographs exhibition opening times:

  • Every day: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Closed Tuesdays and December 25th
  • Special opening: November 1, 26 and 31 December, 1 January (from 2:00 pm), January 3, January 6.

Tickets 'René Burri. Utopia '&' Ferdinando Scianna. The Ghetto Venice 500 years after '

  • Full € 12.00
  • Reduced € 10.00 (students under 26 years, over 65, concession holders)
  • Extra Reduction € 8.00 (only for groups above 15 people)
  • Family reduced € 24.00 (2 adults + 2 children under 14)
  • School reduced € 5.00
  • Free: children up to 6 years, 1 escort per group, disabled + escort, two accompanying teachers per class, journalists with membership card, tourist guides.
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Period: From 26 August 2016 to 08 January 2017

Event location: Casa dei Tre Oci, Giudecca island - Venice

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