Risitaly 44th Rice Exhibition

From 15 September 2010 to 10 October 2010

It is the food and wine event most visited in Italy and capable of attracting over half a million visitors. But in reality there are many more reasons that make Risitaly a record holder the Rice Exhibition that has been organized for the past 44 years at Isola della Scala, the ancient town near Verona where this renowned cereal has been cultivated since 1600. In fact there is no other food and wine event dedicated to just one single produce, in this case the rice variety called Nano Vialone Veronese, which is also the only one in Europe to have received the PGI marking (Protected Geographic Indication). Risitaly is proud to introduce its visitors into a world of quality and tradition, where food becomes culture and the area around Isola della Scala becomes a synonym with hospitality. One only has to consider that the local cooks have been ordered to prepare delicious meals for the Heads of State at the GB summit and the Italian and European Parliament. The same dedication and passion are reserved by the chefs of Risitaly to the visitors of the exhibition who will be amazed to discover the variety of cooking methods available for this exquisite food. The event is indeed famous for the 100 different tasty recipes that the Nano Vialone Veronese can be offered to visitors, each one precious and full of flavour, that can be enjoyed even more with a glass of quality wine, considering that the local wine tradition is in fact as noble and as famous. The Rice Exhibition is also promoting learning activities and guided tours in schools, food and wine contests and historic re-enactments. The list of events also includes various sporting activities such as football matches, volleyball, basketball and running races as well as the national bike race for under 23 year olds, the Rice Exhibition Gran Premio. The exhibition covers an area of 90.000 square meters with 12.000 sheltered square meters.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff