'Rodin. A great sculptor at the time of Monet' at Santa Caterina Museum

A unique event to conclude the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the sculptor's death

From 24 February 2018 to 03 June 2018

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The extraordinary exhibition on Rodin in Treviso kicked off on 24th February: the display, curated by Marco Goldin and open to the public until 3rd June 2018, brings to an end the long series of events organized last year to celebrate the centenary of the death of the great French sculptor.

The exhibition in Treviso was in fact included in the official program of events dedicated to the centenary of Auguste Rodin’s death. The project, masterminded by the Musée Rodin in Paris, has taken the works of the sculpture around the world - from the Grand Palais in Paris last spring to, presently, the Metropolitan Museum in New York - and the Veneto city has been the only Italian location included in this important calendar.

Displayed at the Museo di Santa Caterina– which last year hosted Stories of Impressionism, another great exhibition by Linea d'Ombra - the Rodin exhibit in Treviso in 2018 has been created in collaboration with the Parisian museum and will host 80 works, 50 sculptures and 30 paper works. It is a display of Rodin’s most famous works, both in small to medium but also large format... from the Thinker to the Kiss, Gates of Hell to The Burghers of Calais: these alone are enough to prove the exceptional nature of this exhibition.

The fascinating Rodin exhibit at the Treviso museum marks the fulfilment of a dream for Goldin: his passion for Rodin spans over thirty years, a love born almost by chance when he stumbled across a small manuscript by Rainer Maria Rilke dedicated to the great French artist ...

The Rodin exhibition in Italy 2018 traces the sculptor’s life and artistic events also through letters and documents with the aim to better describe the French and European context of the late '800s and early' 900s in which they took place. Very special attention is deservedly given to Italian culture, considering the profound influence that artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo and Bernini, and works such as the Divina Commedia, exerted on Rodin.

Starting in the mid-1860s, Rodin began to gain practical experience by working for a decade as a decorator in several workshops in France and Belgium, until he found a permanent job in the Sèvres manufactory. In the second half of the 1870s he made his first creations, such as Age of Bronze - which caused a major scandal at the time - and St. John the Baptist Preaching, both displayed in Treviso.

His most famous works date to 1880, beginning with the commission to create a portal that was awarded to him by the planned Museum of Decorative Arts. The project, known as The Gates of Hell, was inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy and Rodin worked on it until his death. This work represents a point of reference in the entire production of the artist, acting as the inspiration for an extraordinary array of sculptures to come, including The Thinker and The Kiss, the latter inspired by the tragic love story of Paolo and Francesca narrated by Dante in the Inferno Canto 5.

In a succession of great passions – such as the memorable and tormented one with Camille Claudel - Rodin, fascinated by the works of Michelangelo and the Italian Renaissance he had seen during a trip to Italy, infused life into marble and plaster, also dedicating himself to bronze castings ... In his hands matter becomes soft, vibrant and sensual, giving rise to forms that nobody had ever created before him, exemplified by such works as The Monument to Victor Hugo, The Monument to Balzac, The Burghers of Calais... Meanwhile, Rodin accrued fame, honours and international recognition, continuing his studies and experimentations, always inspired by the female universe.

The Rodin exhibit in Italy is displayed in the renovated subterranean rooms dedicated to Giovanni Barbisan of the Museo di Santa Caterina - one of the three venues of the Civic Museums of Treviso. Here you will admire Auguste Rodin’s artwork, including his most famous masterpieces, in a fascinating exhibition of sculptures and drawings. The latter played a fundamental role in Rodin’s artistic career which began at the Petite Ècole, where he mainly dedicated himself to the art of drawing, with his interest in sculpture only emerging later in his life!

Among the sculptures, in addition to the above mentioned The Kiss, the Thinker, the Monument to Balzac, the Age of Bronze, The Burghers of Calais and the Gates of Hell, at the Rodin exhibition, 2018, you can also admire Man with the Broken Nose and several scale model, often large in size. In addition to Rodin’s work, on show at the Rodin exhibit in Italy are a canvas by Edvard Munch, depicting the statue of The Thinker in doctor Linde’s garden - a great collector of both Rodin and Munch - and a painting by Monet, originally displayed at the famous exhibition on Monet and Rodin, which took place in Paris at the Georges Petit gallery during the summer of 1889, which exhibited several masterpieces by the French master that are also included in the Rodin exhibition in Italy in 2018.

Rodin. A great sculptor at the time of Monet: admire the masterpieces of one of the greatest sculptors of all time in a riveting exhibition at the Museo di Santa Caterina, open until 3rd June 2018, and combine it with the chance to visit the city of Treviso.


Rodin 2018 exhibition in Treviso - Museo di Santa Caterina

From 24th February to 3rd June, 2018

  • Monday to Thursday: 9.00 - 18.00
  • Friday to Sunday: 9.00 - 19.00

Additional Times

  • 29 March, 2-3, 23-26 and 30 April and 1 May: 9.00 - 19.00pm

Last ticket issued one hour before closing time.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 24 February 2018 to 03 June 2018

Event location: Museum of Santa Caterina, Treviso

Contacts: more info at www.lineadombra.it/eng/exhibitions/rodin/rodin-exhibition/rodin-introduction.php

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