Saint Anthony marathon

27 April 2008

Every year the Veneto springtime brings with it the Saint Anthony Marathon, a celebrated national event uniting sport, folklore and music. On Sunday 27 April the competition begins at Vedelago in the province of Treviso and finishes in the second largest square in Europe (after Moscows Red Square) , the Prato della Valle in Padua. The marathon is connected to the City of Hope, an fund-raising organisation for research into pediatric cancer, and the 42km course will lead directly to the concert stage in the Prato della Valle which, hosted by Radio Italia, will see the top names in the country performing after the race.

In addition the city offers the possibility to participate in this grand festival with alternative routes of varying lengths suitable for all abilities. These new circuits, known as the Stracittadine, have been designed to lead through and past the citys principal monuments and attractions, and are as follows:12km open to allcomers: Begins 9.30a.m. 5km open to allcomers: Begins 9.30 a.m.2km open to allcomers: Begins 9.30a.m.1km Begins 9.30a.m. for elderly and disabled, pass the Basilica of Santa Giustina, through the Prato della Valle until the Basilica of Saint Anthony.

Registration for the three routes costs 5 euros and includes number, medal, refreshments and insurance for the participant.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 27 April 2008

Event location: Padua

Contacts: For further information and regitration in either the Saint Anthony Marathon or the Stracittadine please go to:

Or contact:
Via E.P. Masini, 2 - 35131 - Padova PD
Tel. 049/8227114