From 27 March 2010 to 11 July 2010

The Samurai have landed in the Venice lagoon. The prestigious Koelliker Collection, consisting of body armours and accessories used by the powerful military nobility that reigned over Japan for more than seven centuries confining the role of the emperor towards a more spiritual one, has made its way from Milan to the Fortunity Museum in Venice. A unique exhibition in the Western World, and also highly appreciated in the The Land of the Rising Sun, for its numerous pieces and their state of conservation. The pieces on show, totalling around eighty, consists of entire body armours or portions of them, as well as swords and additional objects that were used by the Samurai whist exercising their power. The war garments are derived exclusively from the members of the bushi, the highest rank Samurai cast, and also the feudal lords called daimyo, both active during the Azuchi Momoyama period (1575 1603) and the following Edo (1603 1867) period. It is worth noting that the military apparel worn by the Samurai explicated an important function also during piece times, symbolizing both a status of authority and high social ranking. Often, the need to distinguish themselves felt by the Samurai prevailed over the protective functionality attached to the armours, which led to armours being built with extremely fine details, decorated with ornaments of extraordinary craftsmanship and adorned with precious materials. The exhibition, which is open until July 18th, will transport visitors into a world and time which could not be otherwise imagined with the same level of intensity and will offer one the opportunity to admire the armours, learn about their history, how they were built, what elements were used and who were the main families of gunsmiths. Appealing to both aficionados and newcomers, the exhibition will find in Venice, its best possible stage, considering the extraordinary past relations that the city enjoyed with the Far East and one of the principal causes of the citys eternal fame.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff