San Antonio Marathon: a day in Padova in the name of sport

22 April 2012

Now in its thirteenth edition, the San Antonio Marathon will be held again on 22 April, 2012 to retrace the route followed by the Saint just before his death, in a great celebration open to all. With the starting line in Campodarsego and arrival in the splendid Prato della Valle in Padova, the marathon route winds through the province of Padova, whilst the half-marathon will start in Camposampiero and cross the province of Padua to arrive as always in Prato della Valle. Since its first edition the San Antonio Marathon has always received great support with the participation every year of Italian and foreign athletes and has become one of the most awaited for events for the inhabitants of Padova. Due to its great appeal, the San Antonio Marathon has soon established itself as an important crowd-gathering event, which was previously missing in the calendar of events in Padova. Next to the traditional 42,195 km San Anotnio Marathon, a half-marathon was added in 2009 with a starting line in Camposampiero and arrival again in Prato della Valle. The half-marathon, covering a classic distance of 21,097 km, has from the very beginning gathered thousands of aficionados who come to Padova with increasing numbers every year. In 2011 the starting line of the San Antonio Marathon, previously in Vedelago, has been moved to Campodarsego, so that the route is now entirely contained within the Province of Padova. Passing through the villages of San Giorgio delle Pertiche, Camposampiero, Massanzago, Borgoricco and Reschigliano and others, the marathon crosses the so called roman grid of the province of Padova and then joins the classic route along the Statale del Santo. The San Antonio Marathon offers a route that combines the history and nature of the province of Padova, until the arrival in the splendid Prato della Valle in Padova with 42 km of great sport competition. On top of the half marathon, amongst the collateral events organized for the San Antonio Marathon there are the very popular so called Stracittadine, with starting line and arrival in Prato della Valle: 12, 5, 2 and 1 km, either walking or running, non-competitive, with the participation of thousands of people who are eager to spend a day along the streets if the historic centre of Padova in the name of sport and well-being.

A fundraising event, the 2012 edition of San Antonio Marathon will be joined by 24forChildren, the Children Research Institute Citt della Speranza, Action Aid and Cuamm Medici that will get together for a non-competitive relay from Camposampiero di Padova. Eagerly awaited for by both athletes and the inhabitants of Padova, the San Antonio Marathon has become one of the great events of Padova, a great celebration that combines sport, folklore, music and entertainment.

San Antonio Marathon 22.04.2012- 8.45am Campodarsego: start time of San Antonio Marathon (42,195 km)- 10.30am: Camposanpiero: start time of half-marathon (km 21,097)- 9.15am Prato della Valle: start time of Stracittadine (km 12, 5, 2);- 9:30am: Santa Giustina Cathedral: start time of a 1 km walk for elderly and disabled.

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Period: 22 April 2012

Event location: Padua

Contacts: Assindustria Sport Padova via Masini, 2 - 35131 Padova --- email: