San Vito Skialp24: the extraordinary alpine skiing event in the Dolomites

From 11 January 2013 to 12 January 2013

Great expectations for the return of one of the most exciting Dolomiti events in Cadore! On 11 and 12 January do not miss San Vito Skialp24 2013, the largest alpine skiing racing event in the Dolomites.

Considered one of the most extraordinary event of alpine skiing in Italy, the famous skialp24 in San Vito di Cadore winds through the beautiful peaks of the Dolomites of Cadore, at more than 1000 meters altitude, over a distance of approximately 6.8 km.

A grueling and extremely exciting competition to test ones physical endurance pushing oneself to the limit. The participants of this extreme alpine skiing event in 2013 in the Dolomites of Cadore will have to cover the race track as many times as possible over a period of 24h.

It will be possible to participate in the San Vito Skialp24 individually in the formula 'Ironman' or as a four people team: those competing as a team must ensure the presence of at least one participant on the track for the entire 24 hours. The start of the touring race is planned in the late afternoon of Friday 11 January and end 24 hours later, at 5 o'clock on Saturday afternoon. Followed by the awarding ceremony for the different categories of racers as well as a party and entertaining event.

The San Vito Skialp 24 is one of the biggest events in San Vito di Cadore Italy, an annual event for all fans of alpine skiing game and a perfect opportunity to discover this charming town of the Dolomites of Cadore. A popular tourist destination in summer and winter, San Vito di Cadore is situated a short drive from Cortina d'Ampezzo, surrounded by the beautiful peaks of Sorapiss, Antelao, Marmarole and Pelmo.

Treat yourself to a weekend in San Vito di Cadore! Ski and entertainment: a really special pairing to celebrate this prestigious alpine skiing race. In San Vito di Cadore events for all tastes with music, entertainment and food stand will enliven the San Vito Skialp24 2013!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff