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Sand Raptors, concerts, food, wine and culture events throughout the summer at Jesolo Lido

From 04 June 2018 to 09 September 2018

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The full calendar of the summer Jesolo events 2018 could not be without the traditional appointment with the most awaited sand sculptures festival in Italy! From 4 June to 9 September the Jesolo international sand sculpture festival will transform the famous seaside resort of the Adriatic Sea into a dangerous prehistoric jungle!

Following the successful format introduced in the last editions of the sand sculpture in Lido di Jesolo, the festival gets closer to the heart of the city and moves away from the traditional marquee set up on the beach. Piazza Brescia is confirmed as prime location also for the Lido di Jesolo sand sculpture festival 2018: from 20 May you will be able to see the artists at work and watch the different stages of the creative process for the realization of these extraordinary works of sand art. Starting from a block of sand weighing about 1 ton, compacted with water, the artists have to remove, shape, add and sculpture to create the work that they have decided to present. Once completed, the sculptures will be exhibited in Piazza Brescia from 4 June until 9 September with free entry!

Since 1998, the Jesolo sand sculpture festival is a real attraction for sculptors from all over the world, ready to engage in the difficult test to model large sand volumes freely interpreting a theme, that differs from year to year, which leaves ample space for creativity and imagination. The theme chosen for the exhibition of the sand sculptures in Lido di Jesolo 2018 is inspired by large reptiles that inhabited our planet millions of years ago... Stay on the lookout between the pine trees, a terrible T-Rex might come out, or maybe a fast Velociraptor, Triceratops and Stegosaurs, or even a docile herbivore such as the Brachiosaur and the Diplodocus! This exhibition also boasts additional reproductions of the prehistoric animals at the Jesolo Natural History Museum, among which the Dilophosaurus, the Protoceratops, the Coelophysis and the Phytosaur.

Facilitated by the historical artistic direction of Richard Varano, the artists will be challenged to create the most famous dinosaurs... Piazza Brescia will offer a fascinating journey to discover the fascinating prehistoric jungle! Like every year, the artists will give proof of their skills with complete freedom.

Sand Sculptures Jesolo 2018

  • T-Rex by Susanne Ruseler (Netherlands) and Ilya Filimontsev (Russia)
  • Centrosaurus and Deinonychus by David Ducharme (Canada)
  • Stegosaurus by Radek (Radonvan) Zivney (Czech Republic)
  • Ankylosaurus by Michela Ciappini (Italy)

Edition after edition, the Jesolo International Sand Sculpture exhibition has helped to increase the charm and resonance of Jesolo Lido, a tourist resort able to renew itself each year and to implement its extensive tourist offer that makes it a place suitable for all ages of tourists, from young people who want to have fun to families with children.

On top of the famous sand sculptures, Jesolo 2018 is rich of events for all tastes! Among all the eventi in Jesolo 2018 we’d like to point out a few:

  • The original evening markets in the main squares from 18.00 to 24.00. Piazza Casabianca, Piazza Aurora, Piazza Milano, Piazza Manzoni, Piazza Torino, Piazza Nember and Piazza Mazzini will host a range of themed markets: for example, Bontà e benessere and Girajesolo are dedicated to organic food and natural craftsmanship, or Mammart, Piazza degli artisti and Manualità e ingegno are dedicated to handicraft and creatività.
  • Great live concerts - with Laura Pausini at Palazzo del Turismo on July 13th, I Nomadi in Piazza Torino on July 14th and the Festival Show, in Piazza Torino, on August 2nd – and the numerous evenings with the famed group Blues to Move accompanied by the singer Edith Kabanza:
    • June 5th - piazza Carducci
    • June 12th - piazza Nember
    • July 3rd - piazza Drago
    • July 17th - piazza Milano
    • July 20th - piazza Torino
    • August 5th - piazza Rivo Alto
    • August 10th - piazza Manzoni
    • August 29th - piazza del Granatiere
  • The great beach parties:
    • Jesolo Dj Superstar – July 28th at Spiaggia del faro
    • Random: una Festa a Caso – August 4th Spiaggia del faro
    • Holi, il Festival dei Colori – August 12th Arenile Piazza Brescia
  • The tasty food and wine events, such as Griglie Roventi – July 21st in Piazza Torino and the original Spritz & Flowers – July 29th in Piazza Marconi, not to forget the Feste Marinare in nearby Cortellazzo to taste delicious local dishes in an entertaining atmosphere:
    • July 13th, 14th, 27th and 28th
    • August 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th
  • The open-air dance evenings, from August 11th to September 12th – balloroom dancing every Monday in Piazza Torino and every Thursday in Piazza Manzoni, latin American dancing every Wednesday in Piazza Nember.
  • Cultural events at Festival delle Arti Russe – which from June 16th to 22nd will present an exhibition dedicated to the upcoming russian painters, and to the Russian cinema festival 'Pages of history' – and Jesolo Books – which from June 20th to September 30th will propose weekly appointments with authors in Piazza Marconi.
  • Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September will be the days of the Frecce Tricolori which, together with other air forces, will give life to what has become one of the most anticipated Jesolo beach events in 2018!

We can’t forget to mention the proximity to Venice and other magical art heritage cities in the Veneto region! Discover all our proposals in our section Jesolo & beach resorts or reach Venice with public tran sport and visit the city with one of our suggestions in the Tours & Activities in Venice section!

Lido di Jesolo: sand sculptures 2018, markets and many other events for a summer of sun, sea and fun!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 04 June 2018 to 09 September 2018

Event location: Jesolo Lido, Venice

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