Sappada Carnival 2011

From 20 February 2011 to 08 March 2011

The Sappada Carnival is a celebration in its own right, exactly like the community that celebrates it every year during the three weeks that precede Lent. Masks, habits and customs belong in fact entirely to the life and history of this ethnic enclave originated, according to how the legend has it, during the Middle Ages after the settling in this area of a few families of German language origin who were fleeing the tyranny of their rulers. Such was the fascination of this place, still ubiquitously and wholly evident nowadays. Sappada is formed by eleven smaller areas which, in turn, behave almost like very different separate villages, each one adorned with its own church. Even the surrounding nature and the Dolomite peaks appear like a separate world when compared with the Cadore area or the nearby Comelico, with different shapes, colours, plant and animal life. Its amidst this atmosphere that the Sappada Carnival is held, a source of much pride for the entire town but also a welcoming fete that invites everybody to discover the local tradition and take part in the huge celebrations during this three week period. The carnival is enacted in the three Sundays preceding Lent, with the first one dedicated to the poor (Pettlr Sunntach the second to farmers (Paurn Sunntach) and the third to lords (Hearn Sunntach these being the three social categories of Sappada since its origins. The carnival is wrapped up on Monday gras, dedicated to the character of Rollate, and mardi gras, with the traditional costumed ski race. All this is accompanied in a very folkloristic way by a host of wooden masks, pieces of fine craftsmanship representing the many different local characters. The best known one, and also the symbol of this place, is Rollate, depicted as a bulky and bearded man dressed with a hooded bear skin dress and stripy trousers and holding cowbells and a broom. Children, supposedly scared by him, have instead great fun when he chases them and pretends to be trying to smack them with his broom. The 2011 Sappada Carnival puts together the exciting discovery of a secret world and its traditions with the spectacle of nature, the possibility of practicing at their best all winter sports, the best mountain food (such as cold meats and cheeses fascinating wooden crafts and many other cultural and entertaining opportunities. It is worth noting that recently a number of initiatives to maintain and protect the local dialect have been started aimed at children, such as the production of a dvd with Pimpa - the puppy of the Corriere dei Piccoli drawn by Altan entirely dubbed in the Sappada language, plus a school diary for years 4 and 5 of primary school and the three years of junior school, now in its second edition.2011 Programme of the Sappada Carnival20/02/2011 Sappada Carnival Sunday of the Poor Plodar Vosenocht - Pettlar Sunntach27/02/2011 Sappada Carnival Sunday of the Farmers Plodar Vosenocht - Paurn Sunntach06/03/2011 Sappada Carnival Sunday of the Lords Plodar Vosenocht - Hearn Sunntach07/03/2011 Sappada Carnival Monday Gras Plodar Vosenocht - Vress Montach08/03/2011 Sappada Carnival Mardi Gras Plodar Vosenocht - Spaib Ertach
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Period: From 20 February 2011 to 08 March 2011

Event location: Sappada (BL)

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