Saturdays and Sundays at a villa Itineraries in the Colli Berici

From 02 April 2011 to 29 December 2011

The Berici Hills are a treasure to be discovered: secluded and enthralling, they are the safe keepers of art masterpieces and the most magnificent nature. Here we present some interesting initiatives for a visit of this area.Between April 2nd and June 11th, there will be ten events as part of the Saturdays and Sundays at a villa, an initiative in which participants will have the possibility to visit two of the villas and monuments contained in the Berici area and its surroundings, such as Nanto, Montegalda, Este and Montagnana. Another interesting opportunity is represented by the Sundays with nature and culture (from April 3rd to June 5th) with five easy walks for those wanting to broaden their knowledge of this territory. For these two initiatives there are only 50 places available and each walk is subject to a prior subscription with a fee that varies between 7 and 13 euros. The price includes the cost for the guides and entry to the venues, and also a small buffet lunch by courtesy of the local tourist office and the Consortium of Tourist Offices in the Berici Hills. Sundays in the hills includes instead, forty events between March and December with half-a-day walks with no subscription fee along the paths of the Berici hills, so beautifully kept by the local Tourist Agencies. Sundays in the hills is not just Sundays but also night walks, guided visits to interesting sites, ftes, runs and bike rides. On a few selected dates there will also be food on offer as well as drinks, courtesy of local organizations.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff