2010 Venice Carnival

From 06 February 2010 to 16 February 2010


The carnival, which takes its name from the period of festivity preceding Lent, is an age-old tradition which has passed through many epochs, cultures and religions, and which has always focussed on exuberence and abandonment.

Throughout the ages it became a representation of the populace's need to let off steam under the repression of the goverment. Today it attains to the Catholic religion, and Venice has become the capital of the celebrations. Each year thousands of visitors flock to the city to witness the celebrations, the magic of the place perfectly harmonising with the events, spectacle and show.

The 2010 carnival pro,mises a repeat of the success of the preceding year's theme 'Sensation', in which each sestiere is linked with a specific sense: San Polo is sight, Dorsoduro hearing, Santacroce smell, Cannaregio taste, and Castello touch; San Marco encapsulates the whole with its theme of intellect.

The Venice  Carnival “Sensation 2010” takes place from 6 to 16 February, and will feature shows, events, games, and firework displays.

The proceedings open at 9p.m on 6th in Saint Mark's Square, with a famous person officially heralding the beginning of the festivities (last year's Carnival was opened by Nobel prizewinner Dario Fo), leading into to ten days of traditional events such as the masked ball, Festa delle Marie etc. Recent years have seen the addition of newe features such as the Drag Queen contest, many varied concerts from jazz to tango and Baroque music, and theatre.

The Exhibition Gardens at Giardini will display the 'Garden of Creativity': the first children's carnival from the Biennale, revolving around both family and school.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 06 February 2010 to 16 February 2010

Event location: Venice