Shakespeariano Juliet Festival 2015

Performances and workshops to celebrate Romeo and Juliet in Verona

From 22 June 2015 to 03 September 2015


Everything is ready for the highly anticipated Verona Shakespeare Festival 2015! From 22nd June to 3rd September Verona, Italy cultural events present the rich Verona Festival program devoted to the most famous lovers in the world: Romeo and Juliet. Theatre, music and entertainment: so many appointments that will make your summer in the city of Verona unforgettable.

The Shakespeare Festival of Verona, Italy was launched in 2012 thanks to the actor and director Pontarollo Suleiman, President of the Shakespeare House, and his desire to enrich the summer of Verona with a series of Verona city events and shows dedicated to Romeo and Juliet.

The goal of the Association is to promote the cultural, historical and artistic heritage of the Verona area through the art of theatre, especially that related to the famous English playwright. The Shakespeare Festival in Verona is a unique opportunity to promote this interesting initiative, actively involving residents and tourists alike.

The leitmotif of the Shakespeare Festival in Verona, now in its 4th edition, will be the creative force of conflict and will offer interesting insights on the chance to see conflict as a creative issue rather than a destructive one.

The Verona, Italy Shakespeare Festival this year boasts the title 'Born to be alive'. The Verona events calendar 2015 will be enhanced by a number of initiatives taking place in the most characteristic locations of the city.

The Shakespeare Festival in Verona, Italy- Juliet has received many acclaims in its past edition  and is becoming one of the most important summer events of theatre in Verona; a city that is identified with the English poet more than any other, appearing in three of his works: Romeo and Juliet, Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Taming of the Shrew.

In Verona, the Shakespearian Festival 2015 will be inaugurated on 22nd June by the exhibition 'Born to be alive - Conflicts', to be held until 25th July at the Civic Library. The theme of this initiative, as suggested by the title, will be conflict and its extremely positive conception: by listening to yourself and others, conflict can become food for thought, a reason for personal growth and new agreements. Verona URBS Picta will handle the visual-art showcase of this interesting exhibition of the Verona Shakespeare Festival in 2015, while in the Library there will be an exhibition of the actor, painter and theatrical performer Gianni Franceschini with 'Impossible Love- The conflict of love from Romeo & Juliet' and the painter Patricia Kovacs with 'Conflicts - from Shakespeare to other authors: inspirational books'.

The Shakespeare Festival in Verona, Italy will continue with one of the most exciting events on the calendar: at Juliet's Tomb the long-awaited 'Opera in Love - Romeo & Juliet' will take place, a spectacular show of Opera and Theatre that will bring together the words of Shakespeare and the most famous opera arias and art of melodrama and the concept of immortal love. After the inaugural date of 26th  June, Opera in Love will be staged on 6, 13, 20, 27 July and 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 August 2015.

After the success of last year, the Shakespeare Festival of Verona proposes 'Thursday at Sgarzarie', a new way to learn about the reality of theatre of the city. Not far from the Piazza delle Erbe, the Sgarzarie, once the main site for the city's economy, will host a series of meetings - 9, 16, 23, 30 July and 6, 13  August 2015 - with theatre companies Scientific Theatre, Babylon Theatres, Bam Bam Theatre, Need Teatro, the eclectic artist Andrea de Manicor and the 'external' guest Gabriele Sabatini. Verona city events, followed by pundits and journalists, will be accompanied by music from the DJ sets Rocco Casarotti and the poetic notes of Patrick Girard.

On 19 July the Verona, Italy Shakespeare Festival in 2015 will present the Festival of the Capulets in the central Piazza dei Signori: the evening will be animated by the concert of the 'Ladies from Hell' that will make the audience dance to the sound of their bagpipes.

From 19 to 23 July, the most striking Shakespearean places will host 'Romeo and Juliet's Verona in 2015 - Re Life', an original historical commemoration in which the various steps of the texts of Shakespeare are retraced in today's reality. A kind of reality show in which actors will revive the two famous lovers ... to death!

The full Verona Festival program will continue with two Shakespeare plays at the historic Bastion Contrario, on 23 July Beatrice Zuin will present 'Pocket Juliet', an entertaining show in which a modern Juliet will encounter various characters as puppets. The next day the theatre company Next Artists will bring on stage the work of Shakespeare 'Much ado about nothing', with choreography by Chiara Cinquini and directed by Antonella Padolecchia.

From 21 to 28 August an interesting theatre workshop will conclude with a unique 'Shake Mob' in the city centre between the streets, markets and squares. For the occasion, shop assistants, passersby, restaurateurs and diners will suddenly become interpreters of Romeo and Juliet, mingling with passers-by and telling them, up close, the most famous works of Shakespeare.

The Verona Shakespeare Festival in 2015 will end on Thursday, 3 September with the contest 'Romeo & Juliet' at the Gardens of Independence Square, a green area in the old city. During the evening, several artists will freely interpret a single scene of the play 'Romeo and Juliet' creating an original show that will bring together actors, students, musicians and dancers.

Make a note of the Verona theatre festival dates on your calendar dates: from 22 June to 3 September, the Verona summer Festival of 2015 awaits you with plays, meetings, workshops, music and many other great events!

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FESTIVAL SHAKESPEARIANO 2015 - Verona old town from 22 June to 3 September

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Period: From 22 June 2015 to 03 September 2015

Event location: Verona old town

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