Shark Expo

From 23 May 2009 to 30 September 2009

Shark Expo: face to face with the terror of the seaShark Expo, dedicated to the aquatic world of these magnificent creatures, returns again to the Palazzo del Turismo of Jesolo.

Designed to stimulate the curiosity of everyone, the event gives the possibility to admire these extraordinary animals at close quarters, in all their variety, with species of different sizes, forms, habits and even environments ( there are also in fact freshwater sharks!).

Fearsome or harmless, enormous or tiny, the shark despite its vast range exercises a fascination on the human imagination: for this reason the exhibition attracts all-comers, young and old, marine biologists, divers, and the simply curious.

For the first time the event allows you to see 60 sharks from 24 different species, dispersed in 25 tanks of varying dimensions: from those of the Zambesi or Leucas (the only example on show in Europe to the bull shark (almost extinct in our waters the rare hammerheads, the enormous lemon shark, zebra shark, bamboo shark and many more. In addition there will be a vast school of great white sharks. The smallest example on display is a mere 10cm, the largest (a bull shark named Rocco) is over 3 metres.

As well as the living examples there are museum exhibits and fossil remains, shark-hunting weapons both ancient and modern, books, films and more, all tracing the story of this stunning marine creature.

Completing the exhibition will be a video room giving information and a hall showing shark attacks on man.

Opening times:Daily 10 -12 and 8p.m. 11p.m. (in case of bad weather open all day)Admission prices:Adults: 10.00 Reductions (children 5 - 12): 8.00 Reductions (military, disabled, over 65s): 8.00 Children up to 4 years old free

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Period: From 23 May 2009 to 30 September 2009

Event location: Palazzo del Turismo, Jesolo - Venezia

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