Sherwood Festival 2013

From 12 June 2013 to 12 July 2013

From 12 June to 12 July the Sherwood Festival 2013 will liven up the summer with concerts in Padova and shows of every kind! Becoming one of the most anticipated events in Padua, the Sherwood Festival in Padova, Italy attracts thousands of people every year for a mix of music and culture in the large parking area at the North Euganeo Stadium.

The Independent Sherwood Festival, Padova is growing in popularity every year and is now considered one of the great outdoor events in Italy. The Sherwood Festival offers a month of great events: art, theatre and social engagements... in addition to the most exciting summer Padova concerts 2013!The Sherwood Festival Italy begins with a concert on 12 June 2013: 'Lo Stato Sociale and 'Amari'- indie rock, electro-pop, rock and electronic music for a great opening night.

Research, experimentation and avant-garde are the keys to the Sherwood Festival Italy 2013: artists and organizers are committed to design a festival open to all, because the collective dimension is the concept of concerts in Padova, Italy.

Participants at the Sherwood Festival 2013 include bands like the Modena City Ramblers, Marta sui Tubi, Motel Connection, Ministers, Slam X and The Churchill Outfit... and many more, not to mention shows like Ci che non deve accadere, accade. Nessuna garanzia per nessuno ('What mustnt happen, happens. Theres no guarantee for any one') from CIS, reunited after 15 years, and many other events within the vast area of the Sherwood music festival in Padova... and the official schedule is still being finalized!One of the most anticipated concerts in Padua Italy 2013. The Sherwood Festival program will include NOFX - considered one of the best melodic hardcore skate-punk groups. NOFX have a 30-year career and have sold over 60 million records worldwide... NOFX at the Sherwood Festival in Padova 2013 their only Italian date!As per tradition, the Sherwood Festival concerts will have an accessible cost to all and back by popular demand the evenings '1 is enough'. For the Padova music concerts, the program is totally self-managed by the organizers, without external funding.

The Sherwood Festival in Padova is more than just musical entertainment: theatre, art, culture and politics to support the many concerts, offering meetings and opportunities for sharing... Sensations, emotions and debates for the entire duration of the event.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff