Sherwood Music Festival 2019

Music and culture at the Stadio Euganeo in Padova

From 07 June 2019 to 06 July 2019

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From 7 June to 6 July 2019 the great music of the Sherwood Music Festival is back… Summer events, shows and amazing concerts in Padua!

The packed program of the Sherwood Festival Padova is now defined and, in addition to the likes of Lacuna Coil, Subsonica and Carl Brave there will be cultural events, debates and special evenings! A perfect mix to replicate the great success of the previous editions of the Padova Sherwood Festival!

The location has not changed, confirming all events of Padova Sherwood at the North Park Stadio Euganeo in Padova. The organizers said that the confirmation of the Sherwood Festival at Stadio Euganeo has been given by the engaging and decisive response of thousands of people that every year take part in the event, clearly demonstrating that the public appreciate the location and follow the event with great enthusiasm. The Sherwood Festival Padova is a totally independent event of culture and music that every year relies on many volunteering collaborators who work to create a vibrant public space in constant evolution, where live theatre, music, sports, current affairs debates and more take place.

The Padua Sherwood Festival program 2019 includes more than just musical events: to enrich the event there will be different thematic debates, presentations, cultural meetings and theater shows.

The Radio Sherwood Festival of Padua was founded in 1976 as the 'best alternative' to the political and cultural flatness that prevailed at that time. Over the years, the event has had increasing success, dictated by the inclusion of new musical and cultural projects. Today Padova Sherwood has become one of the most important musical and cultural national events.

The beginning of the Padova Sherwood Festival 2019 is scheduled for 7 June ... Write down the date and the events that interest you most!


Sherwood Music Festival Line Up

The most interesting names on the Italian and international scene will play on the main and second stage!

In order to offer the public great shows at low prices, many events of the Sherwood Festival – North Park Stadio Euganeo fall in the initiative '€1 is enough', while other events will still be at an accessible cost to all.

  • Sherwood Festival 7 June: Murubutu – €1 is enough ticket (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 8 June: Dutch Nazari + Era Serenase – €1 is enough ticket (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 9 June: Boogie Night with The Cadillac Live - €1 is enough ticket (Second stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 11 June: Sotterranei – 5°edizione – Bartolini + Roncea – €1 is enough ticket (Second Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 12 June: Rkomi – Ticket €18 (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 13 June: Diplomatico e il Collettivo Ninco Nanco – €1 is enough ticket (Second Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 14 June: Hip-Hop Day 10: Colle Der Fomento – Ticket €10 (Main & Second Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 15 June: Holi – Il festival dei colori– Ticket €5 (Main & Second Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 16 June: Gasp! –1€ is enough ticket
  • Sherwood Festival 18 June: Coma_Cose – Ticket €20 (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 19 June: Dropkick Murphys – Ticket €30 (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 20 June: Trivel Collective Festival – Dune Rats, Blowfuse, Mother, Why Everyone Left, The many Grams – €1 is enough ticket (Second Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 21 June: Carl Brave – Ticket €20 (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 22 June: Altavoz De Dia 2019 – Ticket €15 advance sale (Main & Second Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 23 June: Nello sport vale un solo decreto. Nessuna persona è illegale! Giornata dello Sport! – €1 is enough ticket
  • Sherwood Festival 25 June: LacunaCoil – Ticket €25 (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 26 June: Capo Plaza – Ticket €20 (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 27 June: Derozer – €1 is enough ticket (Second Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 28 June: Motta + I Hate My Village – Ticket €20 (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 29 June: SKA-P + Zebrahead & Los Fastidios– Ticket €30 (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 30 June: Sherwood for kids – a day dedicated to the little ones – €1 is enough ticket
  • Sherwood Festival 2 July: MadMan + Nayt– Ticket €20 (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 3 July: Reggae Day 4: Koffee – €1 is enough ticket (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 4 July: Sherwood Goes HC- The Secret, Tempest, Opener, Silver, Destroy all gondolas – €1 is enough ticket (Second Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 5 July: Subsonica – Ticket €20 (Main Stage)
  • Sherwood Festival 6 July: Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti – €1 is enough ticket (Main Stage)

Sherwood Festival Padua is a well-established reality in the Italian and international music scene ... To call it a musical event would be an understatement: in addition to numerous concerts, Sherwood Festival Padua is an all-round cultural event with theatre, sports, current affairs debates, food and much more!


Sherwood Festival - Getting there: to get to the Stadio Euganeo is very simple, either by your own means or by bus. The Sherwood Festival in 2019 is going to be ‘climate positive’ to raise awareness among the festival audience but also all the citizens about the threat of climate change and its devastating effects on Earth. Therefore, in support of the ‘Sherwood changes for climate justice’ campaign, the Festival organizers are calling on people to do their best to reach the festival by non-polluting and/or shared transport such as bicycles, car sharing, train or the shuttle bus connecting the center of Padua with the Festival.

Every day a free shuttle bus will be available connecting the center of Padua with Sherwood Festival, Padova, Italy.

By car: motorway exit Padova West, take the ramp on the left to Padova and follow the signs to Stadio Euganeo – Spectators Parking; by bus: from the centre of Padova, bus 11 towards Taggì and get off in via Montà, walk along Via Croce Verde towards Stadio Euganeo; alternatively, bus 13 towards Altichiero and get off in via the Sacro Cuore, walk along via Due Palazzi towards Stadio Euganeo.

 Celebrate the great early summer: from 7 June to 6 July Sherwood Festival 2019 is waiting for you in Padua! Take advantage of this great event to dedicate some time to visit the wonderful city of Padua! On our website Venetoinside you can find special and interesting activities just a click away!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 07 June 2019 to 06 July 2019

Event location: Park Nord Stadio Euganeo in Padua

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