Signs of Sacred Art

From 29 June 2008 to 31 August 2008

The project, which has its inauguration at the Palazzo della Magnifica Comunit in Cadore on the 29 June at 3.30p.m., will run until the 31 August and is part of the celebrations for the 800 years of the churches of Cadore.

The project offers an exhibition spread over eight sites the parish churches and those of the surrounding area - Pieve di Cadore, Domegge di Cadore, Vigo di Cadore, Auronzo di Cadore, S. Stefano di Cadore, Valle di Cadore, S. Vito di Cadore and Cortina d'Ampezzo of more than one hundred treasures of sacred art. The idea is to create a small intimate space to highlight the artistic heritage of the local churches, often unknown even to the local inhabitants. Sacred golden objects and liturgical draperies normally not on display to the public or conserved in locations inaccessibile even for academics and experts now made available to the community where they have been for centuries.

The aim is to display such objects as chalices, reliquaries, pyxes and processional crosses which on the whole relate to the owners. The oldest remains date from the 15th century, though the majority of exhibits date back to the 1700s, gleaned from the Napoleonic conquests, from wars, as well as from liturgical changes and numerous thefts.

In addition three conferences are scheduled taking as their themes popular devotion, the history of the 800years of the churches, and the liturgical hangings in Cadore.

San Martino, a saint for every season: between cult and tradition, headed by Gian Domenico Mazzocato, Friday 11 July at 6p.m., in the parish church of Valle di Cadore; Reflections on the documents from 21 March 1208, headed by Giandomenico Zanderigo Rosolo, Saturday 9 August at 4.30p.m., in the Palazzo della Magnifica Comunit of Cadore at Pieve di Cadore; at 6p.m., in the parish church of Santo Stefano di Cadore.

The event has been made possible by the co-operation of numerous local companies and individuals (researchers, local academics, and parishioners)

By Insidecom Editorial Staff