Skitour of Love

From 08 December 2008 to 31 March 2009

If you are in love and also have a passion for ski-ing, this is a new way for you to celebrate Saint Valentines Day! The Skitour of Love is a series of ski runs that form part of the magnificent complex of the Dolomites Superski, in the zones of Falcade, Passo San Pellegrino and Moena Alpe-Lusia. A new run which consists of 100km, situated at the confines of Belluno and Trento. The run is of course also open to everyone, not only couples. The name Skitour in Love takes its name from the fact that in this area couples are overwhelmed by the romantic scenery and are often found kissing on the slopes! The three stages of the run, designated intermediate, can be taken clockwise or anti-clockwise, starting from either Falcade or Moena-Alpe Lusia, with two connections by bus, each lasting 15 minutes.

Throughout the local hotels and restaurants you will find gadgets and sweets with Skitour in Love emblazoned on them, and the menus will show the speciality food of love!And the occasion will also mean the opportunity to ski for over 12 km, from the splendid terrace of the Dolomites, including Marmolada, Monte Pelmo, Civetta, Agner, Torri del Vajolet and Pale di San Martino, to Col Margherita, descending gently down to Falcade, brushing against the forests of the Dolomite National Park.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 08 December 2008 to 31 March 2009

Event location: Falcade - Belluno