Special Olympics National Summer Games

for the first time in Venice the Special Olympics National Summer Games!

From 25 May 2014 to 30 May 2014


Two beautiful cities will host the Special Olympics National Summer Games in Italy 2014: Venice and La Spezia are ready to welcome a unique and very exciting event!

The Summer Special Olympics 2014: Venice sporting events will be held in Venice on 25 to 30 May and on 19 to 24 June the Summer Special Olympics will move to La Spezia.

But what are the Special Olympics in italy and the Special Olympics National Summer Games? Special Olympics Italy is an international educational program that promotes and organizes events and sports training - among which the above-mentioned National Summer Games - dedicated to people with intellectual disabilities. Unlike the Paralympic Committee, which works with competitive races reserved for top athletes, following the principles of the Olympic Games, the Special Olympics Venice is open to all! Since 2003, the Special Olympics has its own statute and international regulations that are continually updated and tested: the Special Olympics program has already been adopted by over 170 countries, welcoming over 4,000,000 people.

Already at its 30th edition, the Special Olympics in Venice 2014 will then be held in La Spezia and they are an opportunity to learn about the great project of the Summer Special Olympics and to spread this important message of joy and hope.

Rowing, basketball, swimming, bowling, horse riding, golf and tennis are the disciplines that will take place in the days of the Special Olympics Venice 2014, where more than 1,200 athletes, 700 volunteers and  thousands more people, including leaders, managers and technicians are expected. Even in Venice, Special Olympics - National Summer Games will be able to count on the valuable contribution of thousands of volunteers who have always been committed to the success of these extraordinary events.

For Venice to host the Special Olympics National Summer Games in 2014 will represent a real challenge: the city will have to show all its skills in terms of accessibility and hospitality, to give the athletes, technicians and the audience an unforgettable experience. The Venice sport event will start in the heart of the city, close to St Mark's Square, with a grand opening ceremony.

In addition to the five official sports present in this event of sport in Venice Italy -swimming, basketball, boating, horse riding and tennis - the program also includes two new Venice 'experiments', golf and swimming in open water.

A unique city in the world will be the first stage of the exciting Special Olympics National Summer Games! A rich succession of events of sport in Venice that will give space to the various disciplines in a continuous mix of emotions and solidarity. Visit venetoinside.com to book your hotel in Venice and get in touch with the world of the Special Olympics in Italy!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 25 May 2014 to 30 May 2014

Event location: Venice

Contacts: For more information about the Special Olympics in Italy - http://www.specialolympics.it/index.php