Spettacoli di Mistero 2012

The charming festival to discover the fantastic and mysterious side of Veneto is back

From 21 October 2012 to 02 December 2012


From 21 October to 2 December 2012 Spettacoli di Mistero 2012 takes place in many areas of Veneto with events and initiatives to revive the legends and mysteries of this beautiful region.

The Mystery festival in Veneto is recognized as one of the most unique Veneto festivals, the Mystery Festival will consist of over 200 initiatives spread throughout Veneto offering an unprecedented opportunity to discover ancient traditions through folklore and legends, mysteries, fairy tales and curiosities that will be told during the fascinating festival: Spettacoli di Mistero in Veneto.

A unique Spettacoli di Mistero Veneto 2012 festival with events of all kinds: short stories, theatre, themed dinners, pageants, exhibitions, tours, exclusive presentations, scenic walks, art and music, including many proposals for the little ones in order to make the Mystery shows a big event where everyone can discover what interests them in Veneto.

Many initiatives for an extraordinary edition of the Veneto del mistero 2012!A unique experience suspended between reality and fantasy in some of the most enchanting areas of Venice: Venetian Mystery wants to revive beautiful locations in the region where hospitality, typical products and ad hoc events offer originality and a wider knowledge of the area to those who take part in the Mystery shows.

The impressive Mystery Festival in Venice takes place in the most mysterious and legendary places allowing participants to get in touch with the different shades of a region where sea, mountains, hills, lakes, art, history and nature create a unique habitat of unspoilt areas, combined with small and charming villages and stunning cities full of art. Organized by the Veneto Region and the Pro Loco members of Unpli, the Venetian festival Spettacoli di Mistero wants to present and share the immense wealth of legends, myths, mysteries and stories that characterizes different parts of the region, a face of the Veneto not widely known that traces its roots in the depths of time, preserved through the centuries by oral tradition.

Majestic villas, squares, theatres, ancient castles, courtyards, squares and gardens will be the backdrop to a Mystery show unparalleled where elves, fairies, witches, demons, ghosts and legends tell their stories and their secrets.Between history, tradition and myth, the Mystery Festival opens a door on the soul of Veneto unveiling its most ancestral beliefs and secrets never revealed ...

A festival Veneto dei misteri to discover one of the most hidden and exciting events in Veneto between late October and early December: do not miss one of the most fascinating festivals in Veneto in 2012.

If the subject of mystery arouses your curiosity, Venetoinside proposes fascinating, interesting facts about Venice and its traditions on a weekly basis. In addition, there are tours that focus just on the legends and mysteries of Venice: The Torcello Basilica and its secret itineraries and Shadows of Venice - available from 1st April to 31st October - and Mysteries and Ghosts of Venice, which is available all year round ... Why wait to come into contact with the dark secrets and mysteries hidden among the streets of Venice?

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 21 October 2012 to 02 December 2012

Event location: Veneto

Contacts: For more information and the full program of shows of Mystery 2012http://www.spettacolidimistero.it/