Euganean Wines in Primavera 2011

From 19 April 2011 to 03 May 2011

The 2011 Euganean Wines in Primavera event marks, in the hills around Padua, the beginning of the fine time of the year, both outdoors and around the table. A must-attend event for what is on offer and the natural beauty of its location. The venue is, as always, the Villa Beatrice dEste on Mount Gemona, the former convent, now a stately country residence, where St Beatrice, a fascinating female protagonist of history, retreated in the 12th century. Today the building houses the Nature Museum of the Euganean Hills, containing an overview of the surrounding ecosystem, and is owned by the Municipality of Baone, albeit it is more readily accessed via Cinto Euganeo. Here, between April and May every year, the flavours of these hills and the local traditions are presented to the public the main attraction of the event being white wines. Two weeks to taste whites and the best of the local Euganean Hills D.O.C. wine production. During the event it is possible to purchase the wines and local produces on display in the food and wine stalls, as well as taking part in excursions organized along the Route of the Euganean Hills Wines, which touches the main natural attractions of the area. All this is embellished by arts, cultural and sport happenings: crafts workshops, horse riding lessons, guided walks on foot, by mountain bike or horse, music shows, theatre plays and talks. 2011 Euganean Wines in Primavera is as expected, also involving the centre of town, where it will be possible to enjoy various shows and restaurants will offer the first fruits and food of the season, which the public will have the possibility to taste well in advance compared to their usual time of availability. One should not forget that this area belongs to a spa system, so that it is possible here, and highly advisable, to enjoy good food, entertainment, nature in conjunction with spa treatments. Discover the Nature Park of the Euganean Hills and all its virtues.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 19 April 2011 to 03 May 2011

Event location: Villa Beatrice d'Este - Baone (PD)