Springtime in the Venetian Villas

The best events in Venetian Villas during the most fascinating period of the year

From 02 April 2018 to 30 June 2018

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Short of ideas as to what to do in Veneto in spring, especially on Easter Monday? Wondering what the most beautiful spring events in Veneto are for the coming months or if there are any special events in Veneto villas now the warm weather has arrived? Take our advice: spring is the time when villas have the most to offer and when they hold activities to suit all tastes!

Until June, the spectacular gardens and magnificent parks of the villas are a blaze of blossoming, delicate scents and bright greenery, making them definitely worth a visit. But that's not all: the soft and clear light of spring brings the interiors back to life too after a long winter lethargy. Entering once again the rooms from the loggias, terraces and gardens renews the harmonic symbiosis between these mansions and the surrounding landscape. It is no coincidence that the spring months are full of events for all tastes, allowing visitors to discover the Venetian villas from all sorts of perspectives, but without surrendering the opportunity to have fun at events and original activities suitable for all - both grown-ups and kids!

Here is a list of the main spring events in Palladian villas, from April to June 2018:

If you are looking for ideas on what to do on Easter monday (Monday, April 2nd 2018), we have two beautiful opportunities to suggest, where you can experience the traditional field trip in an original way:

  • 'Pasquetta in Villa' at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Stra (VE). One of the most beautiful villas of Riviera del Brenta will open to the public its wonderful park and if you wish you can also have the chance to discover the intriguing history of this place.
  • Especially suitable for children and families there is 'Pasquetta in villa' at Villa dei Vescovi del FAI, in Luvigliano di Torreglia (PD). Here, young and old will have fun going on an exciting treasure hunt to find the Easter bunny and chocolate eggs in the splendid park of the villa!

But let’s not just concentrate on Easter Monday. Many of the events at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Stra (VE) are ideal for those who want to spend an easy day between artistic beauties and culinary delights:

  • Sunday 6th May and 3rd June - 'Domeniche in Villa'. The villa will be open to the public by opening up its spaces for people to enjoy the warm weather, just like it did in the past. Visitors can visit the Museum of Footwear with guided tours leaving every hour exploring the history of the two main treasures of Riviera del Brenta: the Venetian Villas and luxury shoe manufacturing. Everything will be lit up by banquets with excellent local food.

What to do in Treviso and surroundings in the weekends of April:

  • Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April - 'Primavera in Castello' - an art and floriculture exhibition-market held in the beautiful Castello di Roncade, in the namesake town, a few km from Treviso. There are loads of activities planned, all focused on the excellence of the Made in Italy label: from craft workshops for children, teenagers and adults to cultural conferences, from theatrical performances to presentations of studies on the Castle of Roncade and solidarity projects, all enriched by quality local street food and exhibitions of original artisanal and artistic productions.
  • Every Sunday in April - Grand Buffet at Villa Tiepolo Passi in Carbonera, just outside Treviso. Every Sunday, the ‘Tesa’ of the villa (the old rustic house inside the property) offers dishes based on ancient recipes rigorously taken from family recipes and prepared using organic products grown in the villa allotment and following ancient Venetian cooking methods. A different way to experience the traditional Sunday lunch and an opportunity to visit a place with a fascinating history!

For those who want to feel 'noble for a day':

  • Every day, subject to availability: exclusive CHIC-NIC at Ca' Marcello in Piombino Dese (PD) with a guided tour accompanied by the noble owners. A unique opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful villas in Veneto escorted by the owners, the Marcello family, one of the 12 oldest families in the region, around in Venice since the city's origins. After the visit, like nobles of the 1800s you can choose your favourite spot in the beautiful park of the villa for an exclusive and exclusive chic-nic.

For wine lovers:

  • Monday to Friday: definitely a must is a private tasting with vintage wines in the historic Villa Mosconi Bertani in Arbizzano di Negrar (VR) in Valpolicella, a private estate belonging to the Bertani family. An unrepeatable opportunity to taste the renowned Amarone della Valpolicella, discovering its history and the eighteenth century wine cellars where the Bertani family first produced this wine, now famous all around the world.
  • Every day: lovers of Bordeaux-cut wines will have the chance to visit and taste the extraordinary wines of one of the most beautiful historical cellars of the region, the Castle of Roncade - also called Villa Giustinian in Roncade (TV), where the family Baroni Ciani Bassetti, before any other families in Veneto, started producing this particular wine a century ago.

Family activities near Venice:

  • Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th April and Tuesday 1st May: the show 'Tubib and the timeless amulet' will animate the rooms of the beautiful Castle of Thiene in Thiene (VI), in the Vicenza foothills. Created in collaboration with the professional acting school Jar Creative Group, Tubib and the timeless amulet is a moving interactive family show that does not only appeal to children: it is not a cartoon, nor a traditional children's theatre play, but rather a journey with no borders and without a stage which crosses the magical rooms of the castle. Tubib - the doctor we all want to be and have – attempts to find a cure for his worst illness, in a voyage with no return. It will be his faithful Tristan who will have to find him and you, with him, will live this journey through all the rooms just like protagonists.
  • April and May, from Wednesday to Sunday: in the splendid setting of Villa dei Vescovi, events and activities for families on the agenda! This renovated sixteenth-century villa in Luvigliano di Torreglia (PD) is now a FAI property and every weekend offers different types of activities for adults and children, including open-air workshops, guided themed tours, shows and magic evenings.

For lovers of antiques:

  • Every last Sunday of the month, the famous Piazzola sul Brenta (PD) antique market takes place in the space in front of the majestic Villa Contarini: the famous colonnade hemicycle. In one day you can browse among the exhibitors of one of the most famous antique and modern markets in Italy, and visit one of the most beautiful villas in the region with its beautiful park where you can get lost among small lakes, fish pond, statues, green meadows, woods, and much more.

For lovers of nature and historical gardens and of cultural Sundays within a natural context of incomparable beauty we have two events to suggest at Garden of Valsanzibio - Villa Pizzoni Ardemani in Valsanzibio (PD), in the splendid setting of the Euganean Hills:

  • Sunday 8 April: Minuet in the Garden with Venetian Patricians with an evocative costume parade and minuet dances for couples in one of the most beautiful symbolic gardens in Europe
  • Sunday 13th May: Rococo Pic-nic in period costume, a different way to visit this beautiful place and to relive its ancient splendor. Info for both appointments on www.valsanzibiogiardino.it

For lovers of classic music:

  • Friday, April 20th: in collaboration with the Pentagramma Association, Villa Foscarini in Stra (VE) will host a classical music concert by the 'Note future' in the prestigious frescoed hall of the Foresteria (not always visible to the public).

Spring in the Venetian villas is waiting for you!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff