Stagione di Danza 2008/2009

From 28 November 2008 to 04 April 2009

An important and varied programme for the XIIIth edition of Vicenza Dance, which takes place in the Teatro Comunale of Vicenza under the auspices of the Fondazione Teatro Comunale Citt di Vicenza. Scheduled for 2009:3 4 February 9 p.m. Bothanica by Momix with the celebrated choreographer Moses Pendleton, 8 February 9 p.m. Contemporary flamenco from Antonio Gades in Fuenteovejuna,7 March 9 p.m. + 9 March 4 p.m. Don Quixote from the Ballet du Thtre du Capitole de Toulouse, the only dates in Italy.19 Aprile 9 p.m. the Phoenix Dance Theatre, a revelation in the Dance Biennale 2007, Los Picadores, Paseillo and Nopalitos. In addition to the evening performances there will be a series of performances for schools: Dance for Education begins 19 March 10 a.m. with Until Midnight for infant and primary schools, 2 April 10 a.m. The Chronicles of Narnia.

All events will be preceded by a lecture Meetings with Dance, beginning 8 p.m. for evening performances and 3 p.m. for afternoons.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff