Straverona 2014

sport and fun to discover Verona and its surroundings!

From 17 May 2014 to 18 May 2014


The Straverona 2014 program is ready to take off: Saturday 17 and Sunday, May 18 the expected date with the most famous road race in Verona returns!

Since the first editions, the Straverona, a non-competitive race organized annually by the Straverona Association, has received positive acclaim and many accessions. In a short time has it become one of the most anticipated events for sports in Verona!

Today, now in its 32nd edition, Straverona is a famous road race in Verona and a non-competitive event in Verona for families, enthusiasts and athletes. Several editions of Straverona boast the participation of Olympic athletes - who attend the event in Verona to spend a day in the outdoors, combining the healthy physical activity to explore Verona and its beautiful surroundings. The itinerary of Straverona winds through the old town and the scenery of the Lessini Mountains.

With three different distances 5/13/21 km of Straverona on May 18, the race will be open to all!


  • The first route of Straverona Junior 2014, 5 km, is the family favourite: a quiet stroll through the streets of the historic centre allowing you to admire the incredible treasures of Verona.
  • Generally, chosen by half of the participants in the Straverona, the 13 km route climbs the hill of San Pietro reaching one of the most picturesque scenic areas of Verona.
  • A fascinating tour through the hills of Verona crossing the Scaliger walls from Torricelle and arriving in Valpantena: for the Straverona 2014, the the most challenging route will be 21 Km. Considered a true half-marathon, the third route of the Straverona race will test the endurance of the participants who, in addition to the considerable length of the route, will face difficult sections, but the thrill of racing in contact with nature will compensate every effort!


Take note of the date of the Straverona 2014: on May 18 for an appointment at the doors of Brà at 9am.

Since 2012 also has Straverona Junior - for children: aged 6 to 14 years. The Straverona Junior takes place on the Saturday before the classic race. The short circuit of the Straverona Junior is confined to the area of Piazza Bra and the distance varies depending on the age of the younger participants.

And for those who want to get in shape for the event in Verona, the Straverona training has already begun! Participating in meetings of Straverona Training 2014 you can start to work out in the group thanks to the weekly meetings that are held in different parks of Verona.

Space is also given to entertainment in the Expo Area with concerts and street performers that will animate the event in Verona throughout the weekend.

Registrations are open for the Straverona event in Verona, Italy! Do not miss one of the most exciting Verona homecoming events of sport in Verona 2014. Takes advantage of the hotel offers in Verona and treat yourself to a weekend of sport and entertainment!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 17 May 2014 to 18 May 2014

Event location: Verona

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