Su e Zo per i Ponti di Venezia 2014

36th edition of the noncompetitive race 'Up and Down the Bridges of Venice'

From 29 March 2014 to 30 March 2014


Sunday 30 March one of the most anticipated sports events in Venice returns: Su e Zo per i Ponti 2014, the friendly non-competitive race that runs through Venice in a sign of solidarity and friendship.

Considered one of the most unique sporting events in Venice, Italy, the Up and Down the Bridges race in Venice, Italy 2014, will celebrate its 36th edition. A great event that tells the success and the excellent organization of this extraordinary event that came about almost by accident back in 1975.

Characterised by a humanitarian effort and a strong spirit of aggregation, the Su e Zo per i Ponti in Venice in a short time has become one of the most anticipated events in Venice: a fascinating route that aims to engage families, young people, sports teams, sports fans and religious associations in a non-competitive race around the age-old streets of Venice.

Two departures and two tracks for the Su e Zo per i Ponti di Venezia 2014: a short route departing from Venice St Lucia train station - 26 bridges to cross during the 6 km, which is more aimed at nursery and primary schools; up and down the Bridges in Venice long route starting from St Mark's Square - 48 bridges to cross in 12 km.

Along the squares, streets and fondamenta, the Su e Zo Pai Ponti crosses almost all the districts, offering the opportunity to admire Venice in all its unique charm: in addition to the most famous destinations - St Mark's Square, the Zattere, Lista di Spagna, the Biennale Gardens, the Academy and the Punta della Dogana - participants will run through lesser known places like Stefano Square, the Arsenal, the church of St Moise, Nuove Fondamenta and Fondamenta Misericordia.

The commitment of more than 500 volunteers along with the support of banks, government agencies and companies have allowed Up and Down the Bridges to renew itself every year while remaining faithful to the spirit of genuine solidarity that has made it one of the best running Venice events in 2014. Proceeds from the Sue Zo per I Ponti of Venice will be paid to the Salesian community of Aleppo in Syria.

To ensure the success of the race, which each year attracts between 10,000 and 12,000 people, there will be assistant points and refreshment stalls along the Up and Down the Bridges route.

Organised by Simon Caltran, the literary journey of Su e Zo per i Ponti di Venezia 2014 will be focused on the 'Venetian' or the choice to live in Venice, with its lifestyle and its slower pace. Also, on Saturday 29 March by appointment at the Hard Rock Café in Venice with 'Su e Zo Night Live', an evening of music and fun for the preamble of Up and Down the Bridges race!

30 March - Su e Zo per i Ponti di Venezia 2014: a day of sport and solidarity to discover Venice with an added plus!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff