Summer Spritz 2011

From 25 May 2011 to 07 September 2011

Spritz is the favourite and best appreciated drink at aperitif time in Veneto: with ancient and widespread origins, it has become a ritual common to the young, adults and the elderly of Veneto, who meet at the bar from late morning to just before dinner and drink this beverage with the characteristic cicchetti and nibbles.

There is no unique way to prepare this drink, its content varies according to location and sometimes according to the barmans discretion, so that its alcoholic strength varies greatly, but it can be valued as around 8%. The only ingredients always present in all variations are prosecco mixed with seltz or fizzy water in order for the drink to acquire the bubbling effect, which is then coloured with a liqueur of choice: this is typically Campari or, more frequently, Aperol and Select a variation highly used in the Venice province with the addition of a slice of lemon, orange or an olive and a few ice cubes.

If you also desire to enjoy the taste of this tradition of Veneto, and nowadays increasingly popular across Italy, it is worth popping down to Lake Fimon near Miralago. Until 7 September a not-to-be-missed opportunity is awaiting you, a consolidated practice dedicated to those who want to have fun whilst toasting with this great drink: it is the 2011 Summer Spritz.

Every Wednesday from 7pm until late at night the lights along the shores of the lake will be turned on, a free event in the untouched nature of the Vicenza province, completely dedicated to the most famous aperitif in Veneto. But a party cannot be such without music and entertainment: to entertain the public every evening there will be many DJs, live bands and artistic shows.

Lake Fimon is a natural and exciting area, the ideal place for 2011 Summer Spritz, a fresh and relaxing place where to let steam off, eat fantastic local dishes and celebrate Spritz in all its different recipes.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 25 May 2011 to 07 September 2011

Event location: MiralagoLake Fimon (VI)