Suoni Di Marca 2017

Music and fun in the hot summer of Treviso

From 20 July 2017 to 06 August 2017

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Everything is now ready for the new edition of Suoni di Marca! From July 20th to August 6th Suoni di Marca program 2017 returns to animate the historic centre of Treviso, with 18 days of concerts, DJ sets, performances, markets, food and wine.

Now in its 27th edition, the Suoni di Marca festival in Treviso has become one of the most anticipated events of live music in Treviso, and one of the most appreciated ones nationally. Thanks to its amazing program, the beautiful setting offered by the walls of Treviso and the perfect organization that has always distinguished it.

In Treviso, the summer Suoni di Marca Festival 2017 offers music and shows at no charge. 4 stages - San Marco, SS. Quaranta, Caccianiga, Fra’ Giocondo - showcasing well-known DJs, young bands and well-known Italian music artists; restaurateurs, that are ready to propose their best specialties in the many food stands, and lots of exhibitors: the program of Suoni di Marca in Treviso includes concerts, flavours and entertainment to enliven the summer Treviso!

The Suoni di Marca program 2017 presents events for all tastes: it starts on July 20th with Raphael Gualazzi and his innate ability to easily switch from soul to blues, from r&b to rockabilly to bossa nova; On July 21st, the Canadian folk-country band The Strumbellas will come to Suoni di Marca, featuring a mix of alternative country and indie rock music, while the next day there will be the performance of an Italian couple, Dente and Cristina Donà. The former has become known for his sophisticated pop language both in arrangements and texts; Cristina Donà is an indisputable icon of Italian song writing capable of launching a new season of Mediterranean matrix rock.

On July 23rd, The Zen Circus will be on stage, one of the reference groups of the Italian indie rock scene. On Monday, July 24th, one of the most anticipated artists of the new edition will come to Suoni di Marca 2017, Alex Britti: guitarist of undisputed talent and author of light and fresh pop songs, Alex will present at the Festival in Treviso his new album: 'In 'Love - Vol. 2'. On July 25th, at Suoni di Marca Alpha Blondy will tell you the story of reggae: a the true myth of African music will be followed the next day by Fabrizio Bosso and his Spiritual Trio, accompanied by Walter Ricci's voice: this original group will bring thrilling and virtuoso scenes! On July 27th Franco Battiato will be at the Treviso, Italy festival: Suoni di Marca is honoured to host such an important artist, a philosopher-songwriter and composer who always succeeds in combining the folk soul of Italian music with its most avant-garde spirit.

On Friday, July 28th, everyone will put on in evening gowns for a magical summer night dedicated to tango, the alluring Argentinian dance will be the matter of a rich program that will alternate on stage Antonio Grosso and Le muse del Mediterraneo, dj Carlo Carcano, Pablo Garcia and Romina Godoy. On July 29th, James Senese & Napoli Centrale and Teresa de Sio will give birth to a tribute to the great Pino Daniele ... Jazz, funk, blues and tradition will blend in search of new musical stories.

July will end with two more concerts: The Stars from the Commitments on July 30th - soul music classics such as 'Mustang Sally', 'In The Midnight Hour' and 'Take Me To The River' and the most acclaimed tracks of their album Committed To Soul - while for the last date of July with Suoni di Marca, Irene Grandi will bring to Treviso her new 'Acoustic Tour'.

August will also hold great surprises at Suoni di Marca Festival of live music in Treviso! On August 1st, Lacuna Coil come to Suoni di Marca: The band combines new wave and 1980s british rock to create a melancholy dark genre; on August 2nd, instead, dancing and singing with one of the most vital and long-lasting folk-rock bands in Italy, Bandabardò. On Thursday, August 3rd, Suoni di Marca will welcome Francesco Gabbani, winner of the last Sanremo festival, who will entertain everyone with the songs from his latest album!

Friday 4th space for two interesting artists: Coez - consecrated in no time as one of the best exponents of modern songwriting - and Grant Marshall aka Daddy G at Suoni di Marca. Daddy G is founder of Massive Attack and an exponent of the so-called trip hop italian. The second-last evening of the gypsy theme will be in the company of Pablo Reyes with the Gipsy Kings family legend, a great concert featuring gypsy rumba, acoustic guitars, claps and feet beats! The closure in style will take place on Sunday, August 6th at Suoni di Marca with Boney M, icon of the Seventies... Four Caribbean singers and dancers with songs such as 'Daddy Cool' and 'Rivers Of Babylon'!

Suoni di Marca Treviso 2017 Program

  • Suoni di Marca July 20th: Raphael Gualazzi
  • Suoni di Marca March July 21st: The Strumbellas
  • Suoni di Marca July 22nd: Dente and Cristina Donà
  • Suoni di Marca July 23rd : The Zen Circus
  • Suoni di Marca July 24th: Alex Britti
  • Suoni di Marca July 25th: Alpha Blondy
  • Suoni di Marca July 26th: Fabrizio Bosso Spiritual Trio feat. Walter Ricci
  • Suoni di Marca July 27th: Franco Battiato
  • Suoni di Marca July 28th: Antonio Grosso Kilombo Quartet, Pablo Garcia and Romina Godoy
  • Suoni di Marca July 29th: Teresa de Sio and James Senese Napoli Centrale
  • Suoni di Marca July 30th: The Stars from the Commitments
  • Suoni di Marca July 31st: Irene Grandi
  • Suoni di Marca August 1st: Lacuna Coil
  • Suoni di Marca August 2nd: Bandabardò
  • Suoni di Marca August 3rd: Francesco Gabbani
  • Suoni di Marca August 4th: Daddy G from Massive Attack Dj Set and Coez
  • Suoni di Marca August 5th: Paul 'Pablo' Reyes and Gipsy Kings family legend
  • Suoni di Marca August 6th: Boney M

The 2017 Suoni di Marca Festival in Treviso is not just music, but also the ideal place to make room for creativity, sport and volunteering.

The Festival is also popular for its diverse culinary products: snacks, pizzas, cicchetti, meat and fish, without forgetting specialties from all over the world, ice creams, pastries and cocktails! Suoni di Marca is also an important showcase for restaurants in the area of Treviso, who will be able to make themselves known within the vast food area of the festival.

The other appreciated area of the Treviso Music Festival is the market stalls. Here, lots of exhibitors will be showcasing local artisan creations, wooden, fabric, leather and ceramics articles, but also beauty products and more!

Do you want to participate in Suoni di Marca but are afraid that your children might get bored? Have no fear! The rich program of events in Treviso summer 2017 this year also includes an area entirely dedicated to children with a playground especially dedicated to them!

To spend a relaxing evening, enjoy delicious specialties and listen to live music, Suoni di Marca is the place for you!

Do not miss Suoni di Marca: Treviso awaits you from July 20 to August 6! Along the walls that surround the ancient Venetian city concerts, stalls, entertainment for young and old, restaurants and exhibitions, every evening from 6.00 pm to 11.30 pm!

And if you want to stay in town, remember that on our website you can also book a hotel in Treviso and surroundings!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff