Suoni Di Marca 2016

Music and fun in the hot summer of Treviso

From 21 July 2016 to 07 August 2016

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Everything is now ready for the new edition of Suoni di Marca! From 21 July to 7 August Suoni di Marca 2016 program returns to animate the historic centre of Treviso, with 18 days of concerts, DJ sets, performances, markets, food and wine.

Now in its 26th edition, the Suoni di Marca festival in Treviso has become one of the most anticipated events of live music in Treviso thanks to its amazing program, the beautiful setting offered by the walls of Treviso and the perfect organization that has always distinguished it.

In Treviso, the summer Suoni di Marca Festival 2016 offers music and shows at no charge. 4 stages, showcasing well-known DJs, young bands and well-known Italian music artists; 30 restaurateurs, that are ready to propose their best specialties in the many food stands, and over 60 exhibitors: the program of Suoni di Marca in Treviso includes concerts, flavours and entertainment to enliven the summer Treviso!

The Suoni di Marca program 2016 presents events for all tastes: great start on July 23 with Suzanne Vega, appreciated US folk singer; on July 26 Suoni di Marca Festival Treviso will host Carmen Consoli while the next day it will see the performance of New Trolls, historical Italian rock band, and Le Orme who will present a review of the album 'Felona and Sorona', that has been revisited with new arrangements and sounds on the occasion of their 50 yearlong career; Doctor Krapula, alternative rock band from Bogota, will take the stage on July 29. August at Suoni di Marca Festival 2016 will be equally surprising! August 2 it will host the Italian songwriter Daniele Silvestri; on August 4 it will be the turn of Mellow Mood with their rich sonorities and on August 6 Afterhours will present their new solo album. After the success of the past editions the evening dedicated to tango is coming back with the orchestra Avenida Sud and milonga Tango y Cielo: the program of Suoni di Marca Festival 2016 has included the installation of an over 400 sqm- wooden dance floor to dance under the stars all night long!


Suoni di Marca 2016 program and dates

  • July 21: Overmiles, Ian Anderson, 'Best of Jethro Tull' - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • July 22: TDJ Dango, Avenida Sud, TDJ Damian Boggio - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • July 23: Irene Ghiotto, Kim Bingham, Suzanne Vega - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • July 24: Bugo, Mau Mau - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • July 25: Do 'Storieski,' U2 'by Sergio Sgrilli and Paolo Migone - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • July 26: Will and The People, Carmen Consoli - Suoni di Marca Stage
  • July 27: Le Orme, The myth of New Trolls - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • July 28: Lele Croce, Fabio Concato - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • July 29: El cuento de la chica y la tequila, Nuove Tribù Zulu, Doctor Krapula - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • July 30: Iacampo, Monaci del surf - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • July 31: Carfax, Chiara dello Iacovo, Zibba, Fabrizio Moro - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • August 1: Aldo Betto, Renato Pozzetto - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • August 2: Quarto Profilo, Anansi, Daniele Silvestri - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • August 3: P-Funking Band, Lara Montiero 5Tet, Antonella Ruggiero meets Maurizio Camardi - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • August 4: Groov a nation, Family Roots, Mellow Mood - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • August 5: Andy J, Thomas Rotunno, Alessio Bertallot, Demonology HiFi - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • August 6: Airway, Afterhours - Suoni di Marca Main Stage
  • August 7: The Skaworkesr, Nobraino, Sir Oliver Skardy - Suoni di Marca Main Stage


The 2016 Suoni di Marca Festival in Treviso is not just music but is also the ideal place to make room to imagination and creativity. This year it has been chosen to give space to young artists and photographers from Treviso, students of the Fashion Design and Comic Book Festival, who will involve the audience in their performances to give greater prominence to art and culture.

The Festival is also popular for its diverse culinary offering: snacks, pizzas, cicchetti, meat and fish, without forgetting specialties from all over the world! Suoni di Marca is also an important showcase for restaurateurs of Treviso area, who will be able to make themselves known within the vast food area of the festival.

The other very appreciated area of the Treviso Music Festival is the market stalls. Here, over 60 exhibitors will be showcasing local artisan creations, wooden, fabric, leather and ceramics articles, but also beauty products and more!

Do you want to participate in Suoni di Marca 2016 but are afraid that your children might get bored? Have no fear! The rich program of events in Treviso summer 2016 this year also includes an area entirely dedicated to children with a playground especially dedicated to them!

To spend a relaxing evening, enjoy delicious specialties and listen to live music, Suoni di Marca is the place for you!

Do not miss Suoni di Marca: Treviso awaits you from July 21 to August 7! Along the walls that surround the ancient Venetian city concerts, stalls, entertainment for young and old, restaurants and exhibitions, every evening from 18.00 to 22.00!

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By Insidecom Editorial Staff