Suoni Di Marca 2018

Music and fun in the hot summer of Treviso

From 19 July 2018 to 05 August 2018

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Everything is now ready for the new edition of Suoni di Marca! From July 19th to August 5th Suoni di Marca program 2018 returns to animate the historic centre of Treviso, with 18 days of concerts, DJ sets, performances, markets, food and wine.

Now in its 28th edition, the Suoni di Marca festival in Treviso has become one of the most anticipated events of live music in Treviso, and one of the most appreciated ones nationally. Thanks to its amazing program, the beautiful setting offered by the walls of Treviso and the perfect organization that has always distinguished it.

In Treviso, the summer Suoni di Marca Festival 2018 offers music and shows at no charge. 4 stages - San Marco, SS. Quaranta, Caccianiga, Fra’ Giocondo - showcasing well-known DJs, young bands and well-known Italian music artists; restaurateurs, that are ready to propose their best specialties in the many food stands, and lots of exhibitors: the program of Suoni di Marca in Treviso includes concerts, flavours and entertainment to enliven the summer Treviso!

The Suoni di Marca program 2018 presents events for all tastes: with Italian and international artists and different musical genres even within the same evening thanks to the numerous stages installed along the beautiful and ancient walls of Treviso ... From blues to classical music and reggae, folk to soul, progressive rock to jazz, singer-author songs and alternative rock music: just choose which nights to attend!


Suoni di Marca Treviso 2018 Program

  • Start 6.30pm
  • Stage San Marco from 8.30pm to midnight
  • Stage SS. Quaranta from 7.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Stage Caccianiga and Dj mix from 7.30pm to 8.30pm and from 11.30pm
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo from 8.00pm to 10.30pm

Suoni di Marca 19th July

  • Main Stage - Sananda Maitreya and Diodato
    Suoni di Marca Festival 2018 kicks off with a first in Italy for the Italian-American duo of Sananda Maitreya and Diodato.
    A 'jack-of-all-trades’' in the arts, Maitreya is an American multi-instrumentalist musician, writer and producer whose music - a mix of different styles such as opera, country, classic, jazz, blues, gospel, reggae, pop and rock - is dubbed 'post millenium rock'. Known until the beginning of 2001 as Terence Trent D'Arby, he won over audiences with hits like 'Dance little sister', 'Sign your name' and 'Wishing well'.
    Before him Diodato will take the stage, Italian pop-rock singer-songwriter who has twice performed at the Sanremo Festival. 'Adesso', the song he presented at the 68th edition, is still in the top 30 most popular radio songs.
  • Stage Caccianiga - Il Re Tarantola
  • Stage SS40 - One Man Bluez
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Djset Star On 45

Suoni di Marca 20th July

  • Main Stage - Hyperion Tango Ensemble and Tj Carlo Carcano
    A 400 square meters dancing stage for a great milonga under the stars together with two tango stars, Rino Fraina and Graziella Pulvirenti. The Orchestra Hyperion Ensemble will provide the soundtrack, with contemporary and traditional tango.
    Before and after the performance of the Hyperion Ensemble, you will be able to dance to the music of the composer Carlo Carcano Tdj, one of the most popular musicalizador of national and international milongas, who also accompanied Morgan as a vocal coach in the third edition of X Factor.
  • Stage Caccianiga - Corvo
  • Stage SS40 - The Cliff
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Dj Shake The Rockfather

Suoni di Marca 21st July

  • Main Stage – Almamegretta and Francesco Di Bella
    A band hailing from the Campania region and famous for its continuous research between tradition and experimentation, Almamegretta will perform at the Treviso Music Festival 2018 on 21st July. Their eclectic sound ranges from electronic music, dub and reggae, ethnic music and Campania tradition. In Treviso they will present their new project 'Dub Box Vol. 1'.
    The Neapolitan poet and musician Francesco Di Bella, and a leading representative of the Italian alternative music scene since the late ‘90s will kick start the evening.
  • Stage Caccianiga - La Gabbia
  • Stage SS40 - Chiara Patronella
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Set - Dj Umberto Ravazzolo

Suoni di Marca 22nd July

  • Main Stage - Calibro 35 w Eugenio in Via di Gioia
    Calibro 35, an instrumental band inspired by the soundtracks of Italian police and action thrillers of the 60s, will join Suoni di Marca 2018 to present their new album Decade. Released on 9th February, the album contains new songs ranging from jazz, funk grooves and crime funk.
    The band Eugenio in Via di Gioia will be first on stage. Performing since 2012 as street performers, they have received very positive reviews after their debut on the music scene with the album 'Lorenzo Federici'.
  • Stage Caccianiga - Malus Antler
  • Stage SS40 - Huli
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo - Bluroyals
  • Stage Caccianiga Dj Set - Alessio Santoro

Suoni di Marca 23rd July

  • Main Stage - Canned Heat and White Falcon
    The legendary American white bluesmen of Canned Heat, led by longtime drummer Fito De la Parra, will be at the Treviso Festival for one of the two Italian dates included in their upcoming European tour. Formed in 1965, despite a number of departures, breakups and reunions, they still are some of the best authors of contemporary music!
    At the beginning of the evening, Treviso dedicates a tribute to one of its most talented musicians, Gigi Tempesta, who passed away recently. White Falcon, a Treviso band who shared the stage with him on multiple occasions, will be entrusted with paying homage to him.
  • Stage Caccianiga - Feydan
  • Stage SS40 - I Marchesi Del Ghetto
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix- Alex Woodpecker

Suoni di Marca 24th July

  • Main Stage - Gianluca Grignani and Caterina
    Rebel and unconventional, the Milan hailed singer-songwriter wrote a chapter of Italian music. In Treviso, Gianluca Grignani will present a live performance to retrace his twenty years of career in an unforgettable concert!
  • Stage Caccianiga - Neko At Stella
  • Stage SS40 - Fabio Caon
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Set - Maurizio Mattiazzo

Suoni di Marca 25th July

  • Main Stage - Orchestra Classica Rossini Filarmonia Veneta
    Directed by Stefano Mazzoleni, the Veneto Philharmonic Orchestra, with soprano Sonia Peruzzo, will present at Suoni di Marca an evening dedicated to Gioachino Rossini!
  • Stage Caccianiga - Talk To Her
  • Stage SS40 - Mimmo Cascio
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Set - Dj Patrick Bagaz

Suoni di Marca 26th July

  • Main Stage - Tolo Marton & Radiofiera and Superportua
    A not to be missed evening for all fans of rock from Treviso: Suoni di Marca is hosting Radiofiera and the extraordinary guitarist Tolo Marton, the only non-American to have won the prestigious 'Hendrix award' in 1998. Ricky Bizzarro's band and the guitarist will together play their greatest hits.
    Superportua, winners last April of Arezzo Wave Veneto, will start the evening with the rock sound that draws inspiration from punk and songwriting in an extremely elegant and unique mix.
  • Stage Caccianiga - The Seabrook
  • Stage SS40 - Custum Shop
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo - Allen&Set
  • Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Alex Romano

Suoni di Marca 27th July

  • Main Stage - Cheryl Porter & Orchestra Jazz Del Veneto and Charlie & The Superbad News
    The extraordinary voice and the charisma of Cheryl Porter will be at Suoni di Marca for an evening between Gospel and Jazz, but also English and American songs. Accompanying her on the stage of Suoni di Marca will be the Veneto Jazz Orchestra (OJV) directed by Maurizio Camardi.
  • Stage Caccianiga - I Matti Della Giuncaie
  • Stage SS40 - Charisma
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix- Dj Laesh

Suoni di Marca 28th July

  • Main Stage – Punkreas and The Bastard Sons Of Dioniso
    Punk, ska and social commitment: these, in three words, are Punkreas. Their lyrics, with a creativity out of the ordinary, the raw sounds and the years of apprenticeships on the stages of the whole country have decreed the consecration as the most famous punk band in Italy. They have collaborated, among others, with Piotta, Lo Stato Sociale and I Modena City Ramblers.
    The Trentino group Bastard Sons of Dioniso, headlined by Jacopo, Michele and Federico, has already played at the Heineken Jammin Festival and opened the concerts of Ben Harper, Robert Plant and Green Day! They will kick off the evening at Suoni di Marca, where they will bring their 70s sound inspired by the music of Led Zeppelin and featuring their combined vocals!
  • Stage Caccianiga - Black Beat Movement (In collaboration with Dump Treviso)
  • Stage SS40 - Two Way Street
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo - Showcase Cantieri Musicali
  • Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Bim Bum Balaton

Suoni di Marca 29th July

  • Main Stage - Paolo Benvegnu’ & Marina Rei, Sergio Caputo and Carlo Colombo Quintet
    There will be two events on Sunday, 29th July: Marina Rei with Paolo Benvegnù and Sergio Caputo!
    Rei and Benvegnù have chosen Suoni di Marca for one of the dates of their summer tour, an interesting project that combines the energy and passion of these two great artists who have been collaborating since 2012. Their performance will range between unpublished songs, classics of Italian music and significant moments of their careers.
    Sergio Caputo, singer-songwriter and musician, presents the album 'Oggetti smarriti', released on 25th May, a sort of collection of songs 'lost' during his career, and finally brought to light, and recent songs which highlight his very personal language and inimitable swing.
    Introducing this fascinating evening will be the pianist Carlo Colombo with a lineup of original songs and jazz-swing covers that will bring back the atmosphere of bygone times.
  • Stage Caccianiga - Riccardo Inge
  • Stage SS40 - Jetstream
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo - Showcase Progetto Giovani Treviso
  • Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Dj Paolo Spilly

Suoni di Marca 30th July

  • Main Stage – Morcheeba and Nyvinne
    The incredible voice of Skye Edwards will bring at Suoni di Marca a breath of freshness and lightheartedness. Morcheeba, pioneers of the trip hop and a ‘90s icon, present their new album 'Blaze Away', in which they continue their experimentations between rap, psychedelic rock, electro and funky gained in over 20 years of experience.
  • Stage Caccianiga - Bob Balera
  • Stage SS40 - Macola
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Soundcekdj & Matthew Mcgee

Suoni di Marca 31st July

  • Main Stage - Nina Zilli and Cristina Russo
    Suoni di Marca will be one of the first summer events of her tour 'Ti amo mi uccidi', during which the singer presents her latest work 'Modern art'. A profound album, which shows Nina Zilli’s versatility and multiple qualities, it is composed of a mix of shapes and musical styles. Nina Zilli will hit the stage accompanied by Riccardo Gibertini Jeeba (trumpet, trombone, dub, keyboards), Antonio Vezzano Heggy (guitars), Nicola Roccamo Nico (drums), Lucio Enrico Fasino (bass), Riccardo Di Paola (keyboards) and Enzo Tribuzio Dj Zak (scretch, samples).
  • Stage Caccianiga - De Lidia
  • Stage SS40 - Highwaves Trio
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Dj Friday

Suoni di Marca 1st August

  • Main Stage - Grupo Compay Segundo and Gianluca Mosole
    Suoni di Marca brings in Treviso the soul and the heart of Cuba with Grupo Compay Segundo.
    After the overwhelming concert of 2011, the official ambassador group of Cuban music in the world returns to Treviso to continue spreading the teachings received by the Patriarch of Soneros, who died in 2003 at the age of 95 and was consecrated to worldwide fame by Wim Wenders' film ‘Buena Vista Social Club’.
    Kick starting the evening will be Gianluca Mosole with his impeccable technique and his fusion and melodic music.
  • Stage Caccianiga - Tommaso Dugato
  • Stage SS40 - Frank Jam
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Dj Rah Goo

Suoni di Marca 2nd August

  • Main Stage - Willie Peyote and Mirkoeilcane
    An evening that combines the energy of hip hop and the sagacity of songwriting, with an eye to social issues.
    After the success of the tour dedicated to his latest album, with various dates sold out, the Turin rapper Willie Peyote brings to Suoni di Marca 'Ostensione della Sindrome', his new summer tour made of enthralling live, ironic and sharp lyrics.
    Before him, Mirkoeilcane, the young artist who conquered the audience at the 68th Sanremo Festival with 'Stiamo tutti bene', will open the evening.
  • Stage Caccianiga - Lobby Boy
  • Stage SS40 - Paolo Vaccaro
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Invisivibe

Suoni di Marca 3rd August

  • Main Stage - Rick Wakeman and Tony Pagliuca
    An evening dedicated to those who love the English rock of the seventies, a 'progressive' rock that detaches itself from the real and brings the listener into a dreamlike world of rarefied melodies. A unique performance at Suoni di Marca, which compares the English experience of Rick Wakeman, known for being the keyboardist of legendary Yes in the early ‘70s, to the avant-garde of Tony Pagliuca, former member of Orme and tip of the diamond of Italian Progressive.
  • Stage Caccianiga - The Bankrobber
  • Stage SS40 - Sinedades
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo - Le Teste Scalze DjMix
  • Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Dj Alex Paone

Suoni di Marca 4th August

  • Main Stage - Red Canzian and King Size
    Bread and born in Treviso and a former member of Pooh, Red Canzian will play at home at Suoni di Marca! He recently performed at the Sanremo Festival and will present his tour 'Testimone del tempo’.
  • Stage Caccianiga - Showcase Progetto Larsen-Rete Sale Prova Treviso
  • Stage SS40 - Supercanifradiciadespiaredosi
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo and Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Putano Hoffman

Suoni di Marca 5th August

  • Main Stage - Ska-J and Shandon
    The 2018 edition of Suoni di Marca ends with a fun and catchy ska! The sounds of the jazz winds, the melodies of the Jamaican tradition and the harmonies of rhythm and blues, colored shirts, electronic instruments, dreadlocks and a pinch of underground: this, in a nutshell, is the recipe for the last night of Suoni di Marca. Band formed by artists dedicated to jazz and reggae music, captained by Marco 'Furio' Forieri - author and composer of many Pitura Freska hits - Ska-J will bring on stage the happy combination of jazz, reggae, pop and funky tinged with Venetian notes that distinguishes them.
  • Stage Caccianiga - Give Us Barabba
  • Stage SS40 - Flesh And Bones
  • Stage Fra’ Giocondo - Roger Ramone
  • Stage Caccianiga Dj Mix - Rah Goo & Roger Ramone

The 2018 Suoni di Marca Festival in Treviso is not just music, but also the ideal place to make room for creativity, sport and volunteering.
The Festival is also popular for its diverse culinary products: snacks, pizzas, cicchetti, meat and fish, without forgetting specialties from all over the world, ice creams, pastries and cocktails! Suoni di Marca is also an important showcase for restaurants in the area of Treviso, who will be able to make themselves known within the vast food area of the festival.

The other appreciated area of the Treviso Music Festival is the market stalls. Here, lots of exhibitors will be showcasing local artisan creations, wooden, fabric, leather and ceramics articles, but also beauty products and more!

Do you want to participate in Suoni di Marca but are afraid that your children might get bored? Have no fear! The rich program of the Treviso festival 2018 this year also includes an area entirely dedicated to children with a playground especially dedicated to them!

To spend a relaxing evening, enjoy delicious specialties and listen to live music, Suoni di Marca is the place for you!

Do not miss Suoni di Marca: Treviso awaits you from July 19 to August 5! Along the walls that surround the ancient Venetian city concerts, stalls, entertainment for young and old, restaurants and exhibitions!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff