Tango World in Venice 2012: Venice hosts the festival dedicated to Argentine Tango - the most famous South American dance

From 30 May 2012 to 03 June 2012

From 30th May to 3rd June the much awaited Tango World In Venice is back in Venice, the international festival of Argentine Tango that takes place in the splendid location of Venice.

The festival will see couples and famous artists of Argentine Tango the sensual South American dance part of the UNESCO world heritage - compete and perform in Venice.

This year in its 5th edition, the festival of Argentine Tango is a prime event amongst all events in Venice, due to its growing popularity year after year and the arrival in Venice of the greatest artists of Argentine Tango.

The Serenissima coach station in Venice will be the suggestive setting of the festival: a hall in excess of 800 square metres overlooking the marina offering the perfect backdrop for the stunning performances of Argentine Tango during the festival in Venice.

Miguel Angel Zotto, considered the greatest representative of Argentine Tango in the world, will be the testimonial of Tango World in Venice 2012. With more than thirty years of performances around the world, Miguel is coming to Venice to get the audience involved and excited with his extraordinary steps of Argentine Tango. As well as Zotto, many professionals, beginners and aficionados will be there and eager to be seduced by this new combination: Venice and Argentine Tango.

The programme of the Venice festival includes a dense calendar of events to reveal all the secrets of Argentine Tango: workshops in the afternoon for all levels, exciting performances and live music.

In order to offer a complete overview of Argentine Tango including the different styles and various steps, four renowned couples will be at the Venice festival: Ricardo Barrios and Laura Melo, Lucila Cionci and Rodrigo Corbata, Aoniken Quiroga and Alejandra Mantinan, Max Van de Voorde and Solange Acosta.

The Venice festival will also be livened up by live music with two great orchestras, Otros Aires from Argentina and Solo Tango orquesta from Russia, with musical selections by famous DJs such as Felix Picherna, Luigi Felisatti and Mauro Berardi.

Amongst the most awaited for events in Venice, this year the Argentine Tango festival will again not fail to give you unforgettable emotions in this fascinating encounter between romantic Venice and the sensual Argentine Tango.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 30 May 2012 to 03 June 2012

Event location: Terminal Crociere, Venice

Contacts: Full listing of the international Argentine Tango festival in Venice: http://www.tangoworldinvenice.com/