Tapio Wirkkala and Matthias Schaller exhibitions at the Murano Glass Museum

This year the magnificent island of Murano is the location of two new exhibitions!

From 07 May 2019 to 29 September 2019

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From May 7th to September 29th, 2019 the Glass Museum of the magnificent island of Murano in Venice welcomes, in honor of the ‘MUVE Contemporaneo’ exhibition, the works of two great multi-faceted international artists, Tapio Wirkkala and Matthias Scheller.


Tapio Wirkkala – exhibition in Murano 2019

Tapio Wirkkala (1915-1985) is considered the founding father of Finnish design. He was known and appreciated for his ability to master many materials and elements, from porcelain to wood, silver to plastic. Wirkkala was an all-rounded artist: designer, sculptor, industrialist and graphic designer. His talent for transforming natural elements and his ability to conceptualize design masterpieces have made his work famous worldwide. The Finnish artist's work has ranged from simple, geometric but refined sets of glasses for everyday use to unique and artistic glasses made with the most diverse craft techniques. He also designed a wide range of industrial glass objects, such as lamps and glass containers. He is still in the business of creating new masterpieces.

Wirkkala was very attached to Italy and in particular to the island of Murano: he collaborated with Venini from the ‘60s onwards, absorbing the techniques and bright colors typical of Murano, and eventually giving life to a series of great masterpieces.

The Tapio Wirkkala Exhibition at the Glass Museum is the result of a major project of the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice, which aims to give voice to the city of Venice and its islands, and to bring a touch of contemporary art to this magical territory where various cultures and arts cross paths.

Tapio Wirkkala exhibition in Murano 2019 places the main material at the center of the exhibition: glass is the protagonist not only of the Island of Murano, but also of the activity of Wirkkala. Visitors will be able to admire splendid glass creations by this great designer but also some of his iconic projects featuring other materials.

The Murano Glass Museum aside from Wirkkala also gives space to the genius and creativity of another great contemporary artist, Matthias Scheller.


Matthias Schaller – exhibition in Murano 2019

The exhibition presents Matthias Schaller's ‘Leiermann’ series, inspired by the composition ‘Der Leiermann’ by Franz Schubert which, in turn, imitates and reinterprets a poem by Wilhelm Müller. Schaller's work develops around two major complementary themes which are central to the author’s artistic vision: the city of Venice and mirrors, the latter being metaphors of the city itself.

The Matthias Schaller exhibition in Murano 2019 is divided into a photographic journey where the artist proposes shots of ancient mirrors in Venetian palaces and museums that lead the visitor to reflect on which and how many famous personalities have had the opportunity to look at themselves. The image that the mirror refers to is seen by the artist as a fleeting imitation of reality just as in the case of Schubert's imitation of Wilhelm Müller's poem. This is the interpretation Schaller chooses to share, enabling him to dwell on what and how the mirrors of the past reflect the modern image of Venice. The mirrors show beautiful images of a fascinating and unique place, yet they are made somewhat more obscure by the absence of its inhabitants who, year after year, abandon the city.

The Murano Matthias Schaller exhibition offers visitors a bittersweet vision of Venice. His mirrors are witnesses of Venice’s millennial history, a history which is destined to vanish together with its inhabitants, the only real holders of memories of this unique city.

If you are visiting the island of Murano, known for its furnaces and glassworks, make sure you don’t miss the chance to admire the wonderful works kept inside the Glass Museum... the exhibitions tribute to Tapio Wirkkala and Matthias Scahller are included in the entrance ticket to the Museum!


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