The Best Of Momix

08 July 2008

The 8th July sees The Best Of Momix at Venice, promising an eventful and spectacular evening.

Formed almost a quarter of a century ago Momix, the ballet-illusion company formed by the American choreographer Moses Pendleton, and one of the most original in the world of dance, has been delighting audiences with their blend of virtuoso dancing ability and breathtaking illusions.

The show encompasses both old favourites and new pieces, all performed with the inimitable perfection and extraordinary harmony of movement which are the the trademarks and pride of the dancers. Says Pendleton: In The Best of nature plays a determining role, as a source of inspiration for a natural movement in which man plays a part and which, on the stage, takes shape in a harmonious synthesis of forms, music, colour, light and shadow, whose protagonists are the dancers bodies.

This show is also a tribute from its creator to the company itself, a world-wide success including such pieces as Opus Cactus, Passion, Sun flower Moon, and Momix in orbit, which will take place in the unique surroundings of the Piazza San Marco in Venice.

The show is part of the event SMS Venice which takes place betwen the 7th and 21st July, transforming Piazza San Marco into a giant stage for internationally renowned artists, events, and exhibitions. SMS Venice (the acronym for Saint Marks Square and Short Message System through the support of sponsers and the sending of SMS text messages, provides a campaign for the collection of funds for the custody and conservation of Piaza San Marco, a UNESCO heritage site.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff