The 18th Century: from Senso to Sissi, the city of women

2011 Venice Carnival

From 19 February 2011 to 08 March 2011


A new spectacular Carnival is coming to Venice. The success of past editions has shown that the city is a true stage that naturally lends itself to a showcase of different kinds of events drawing people into the whirl of a majestic celebration.

Under the umbrella of the Venice Carnival 2011 a series of cultural, entertaining and food events have been planned - they have augmented each other in the name of tradition, which, on one hand, has been strengthened but, on the other, has been modernised and is now offering itself more in tone with our modern age.

In an effort to diversify what is on offer and involve all of Venice sestiere, Venice has managed to renew its own myth, whilst at the same time remaining faithful to the weight bearing elements of its past history.

The Venice Carnival 2011 edition carries on along this direction without any repetitions and opens itself up to suit all ages, at home as well as abroad. To reach this aim Venice Marketing & Events, the firm behind the main events in Venice, has appointed the 'pure breed horse' named Davide Rampello for the artistic direction.

The film director and University professor of Communication, as well as art expert and lover, covered this same position in 1993-1995 with a high degree of success, and is planning something special for this year, both cultural and spectacular, with a special attention to the city at the beginning and end of the Venice Carnival 2011. Rampello has chosen the historic anniversary of the Unity of Italy and Woman's day - this year coinciding with Mardi grass - as the main themes of this edition which has been given the rather suggestive title “The 18th Century - from Senso to Sissi, the city of women”. In this film-reminding title (which is citing Visconti, Fellini and the romantic figure of Sissi, the protagonist of the famous trilogy with Romi Schneider) the feminine world has been put in strict contact with the century that saw the beginning of Italy, which has been chosen as the source of inspiration and fashion for the choice of costumes.

Another characteristic of the 2011 Venice Carnival is given by its duration: given this year's late occurrence of the Carnival, it has been possible to add an extra weekend to it, so that the 19th and 20th of February have been added to the customary period, this year spanning from Saturday 26th February to Tuesday 8th March. On this year's bonus weekend and on the final one, two truly Venetian events have been planned - they will put the city and its values at centre stage.

Two lines of parade boats will take place, with the final one being a silent passing of rowing boats along a candle lit Canal Grande to symbolize the end of the celebrations and the rejoining of Venice with itself.

As expected the Venice Carnival 2011 will involve all institutional parties from the city.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff