The Colors of the Sacred. The Journey

at the Diocesan Museum, Padua - Italy

From 25 January 2014 to 02 June 2014


From 25 January to 2 June, the Diocesan Museum of Padua will host the exciting children's illustration exhibition: 'I Colori del Sacro 2014. The Journey'.

This event in Padua began with the purpose of talking in a simple and intuitive way to childrenabout the 'sacred'. The exhibition 'I colori del sacro' at the  museo Diocesano in  Padova is held every two years since the beginning of the new millennium. After the first edition of a general nature, the subsequent exhibitions at the Diocesan Museum of Padua focused on particular thematic subjects - Air, from Fire to Light and creation.

Perfectly set in modern reality, which respects different religions and cultures, these unique children's art exhibitions in Padua aim to help children to learn about and discover other cultures to their own and to teach the importance of coexistence and openness.

The the 'Colours of the Sacred' exhibition of illustration for children of the Museo Diocesan in Padova involves artists from around the world, invited and selected thanks to the precious collaboration of the International Exhibition Foundation of illustration for children 'Stepan Zavrel' of Sàrmede, which for years has been organizing the famous 'The Images of the Imagination'.

The first and currently the only exhibition of illustrations for children dedicated to sacred themes, 'I Colori del Sacro. Il Viaggio' was added to a project of travelling exhibitions for children that has already taken the exhibition of 'I colouri del Sacro' (Padova) to many Italian cities, including Verona, Catania, Lecco, Torino and Assisi.


Star of 'I Colori del Sacro' 2014 will be the journey... An experience that leaves room for various interpretations and that has been pondered in world literature from the beginning.

The international exhibition in Padua will show how journey and humans have been linked since the dawn of time: need, desire, achievement and research... The exhibition 'I Colori del Sacro. The Journey' will lead one to discover the different feelings and emotions that can push a man on a journey, not only as a physical displacement but also to seek inner growth and dream.

At the Diocesan Museum of Padua, the journey will be investigated taking a cue from history, traditions, myths, pagan stories, rituals and sacred texts. The illustrators who are exhibiting at this unprecedented event in Padua, Italy will explore both the practical aspects and those related to the psychological and symbolic implications of the journey.

The path at the Diocesan Museum of Padua - exhibition on the journey - will be divided into two parts: a guided tour with a professional illustrator, to help children to understand - through the techniques, colours and graphics used - the contents from which illustrations and deeper meanings are derived; educational workshop in order to enable the children to test their creativity and skill.

Do not miss one of the most exciting Padua events in 2014 an exhibition for children in Veneto! An original and exciting way to spend time with your family discovering cultures and religions other than your own!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff