The Divine Comedy musical

27 June 2011

The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri is once again thrilling everybody thanks to a new and original representation: we are talking about the music version of Marco Frisina, the Italian renowned composer, to be staged on 27 June at the Verona Arena. This piece of work from the Florence author, one of the greatest Italian writers of all times, is to be staged on one of the best known stages in the world and is surely a must-see event, mainly for its unusual representation: music, dance and painting will accompany the journey of Dante (Vittorio Bari) during his quest for the beloved Beatrice (Mariangela Aruanno as he moves from Hell portrayed with rock music - through the distressing and painful purgatory to finally arrive in Heaven, where he will meet Love, always under the accompaniment of the maestro Virgilio (Lalo Cibelli). More than thirty artists, including both singers and dancers, will entertain the public, thanks also to the fantastic creatures designed by Carlo Rimbaldi , the Oscar winner set designer. This is a suggestive and epic journey that will show the Divine Comedy like never before and enthral adults and young alike.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff