The extraordinary dance of the Nutcracker Ballet in Padova and Conegliano

From 25 December 2012 to 26 December 2012


Two appointments not to be missed with the Nutcracker ballet in 2012, staged by two prestigious dance companies known and appreciated all over the world on 25 December at the Gran Teatro Geox Padova with the Nutcracker ballet Rome, Italy and 26 December at the Zoppas Arena in Conegliano with the New Russian Classic Ballet.

A very charming and fascinating way to celebrate Christmas with the whole family: the ballet Nutcracker for Christmas will transport you to a magical world between dream and reality!A timeless Christmas classic presented in two of the best locations in the region: the Nutcracker Ballet of Rome, Italy will be staged at the Gran Teatro Geox in Padova on Christmas evening whilst the Nutcracker Russian Dance ballet will liven up the evening of Santo Stefano in Conegliano at the Zoppas Arena.With music by the great Russian composer ajkovskij, the story of the Nutcracker ballet began in 1892 with the first performance at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. Since then many productions and revivals have introduced this fantastic show in the world, enjoyed by young and old alike with its perfect blend of fantasy and reality.

Nutcracker xmas 2012: a great event in Padova on December 25th! Staged by the famous Rome Ballet with an extraordinary reinterpretation, the Nutcracker ballet in Italy at the Gran Teatro Geox reverses the normal balance of the show to give new life to an original fairy tale with a modern twist.

The Nutcracker ballet, Italy began in 1960 thanks to the collaboration between two great exponents of Italian dance, Franca Bartolomei and Walter Zappolini. The Rome Ballet has over one hundred ballets, staged in the most prestigious Italian and European theatres and a big hit with audiences and critics.

The Nutcracker tickets in Padova for Christmas 2012 are already available: why wait to make your Christmas truly magical?Among the events of 2012 at Zoppas Arena, the Nutcracker Ballet stands out as one of the best events performed by the New Russian Classic Ballet. Founded in the early 2000s to preserve the great tradition of Russian classical ballet and enrich it with various choreographic traditions that have stood out over time, the New Russian Classic Ballet brings the greatest achievements of the worlds tradition of ballet and combines it with the best Russian ballet.

To participate in the enchanting spectacle of The Nutcracker for Christmas in Conegliano tickets can be purchased online or at the authorized dealers.

If you have decided to spend the Christmas holidays in one of the fantastic hotels in Veneto to discover the magic winter face of this beautiful region, the Nutcracker ballet may be the right idea to make it a truly memorable Christmas!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff