The Garden of Poetry

From 12 September 2008 to 14 September 2008

Selvazzano Dentro, Padova.

To commemorate the bicentenary of the death of the Philologist, translator and man of letters Melchiorre Cesarotti, Selvazzano Dentro, in the surroundings of which the illustrious man of letters had his country retreat, hosts the Garden of Poetry festival from the 12 14 September. The enchanting gardens of Villa Cesarotti will be transformed into a place of readings and music, enhancing its natural beauties. The proceedings begin at 6p.m. on Friday 12th, with poetry and drama readings, followed at 9p.m. by and starring Roberto Piumini The bearer of kisses, with music and songs by Ring, the Around Quartet and the Mackenzie choir of Genoa. Saturdays programme is dedicated to children, with entertainment and artistic workshops using pigments and natural materials organised by Florida de Marchi, and poetry workshops with Angelo Ferrarini. Adults are also catered for, with an appreciation of poetic writing by Mirco Zago of the Little Writing School of Padua. The entire day will feature readings and drama of a variety of genres, beginning with Giuliano Scabia, writer, poet and dramatist responsible for some of the most lively theatre of past years, reading from his own works, and also the poet Gian Mario Villalta from neighbouring Friuli. Following this, an interview with the poetess and translator Patrizia Valduga, one of the most important poetical voices of modern-day Italy. An original interpreter of the crisis which distinguishes modern poetry, her combination of timeless themes (love and death, the senses and pain) and traditional metrical forms produces a highly striking fusion. The afternoon and evening sees concert performances from ZERO ZERO JAZZ. Sunday 14th opens in the morning with readings, dramatisations and dance, while the afternoon presents a slow cruise along the river Bacchiglione, animated by poetry. The festival concludes with a concert by the Wind Ensembles of Padua and the Veneto.

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Period: From 12 September 2008 to 14 September 2008

Event location: Parks of Villa Cesarotti, Selvazzano Dentro - Padova

Contacts: Tel. 0498056244 fax 0498055332
Via Cesarotti, 1
Selvazzano Dentro

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