The glorious life of the Doge Francesco Morosini at Correr museum in Venice

An exhibition dedicated to the fascinating figure of Francesco Morosini, the last hero of the Serenissima!

From 28 June 2019 to 06 January 2020

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It is four hundred years since the birth of one of the most important and fascinating figures of Venice, the doge and General sea captain Francesco Morosini. For this anniversary, the Correr Museum in Venice is hosting a dedicated exhibition: ‘Francesco Morosini: the last hero of the Serenissima between history and myth’. The Correr Museum is the perfect place to host the exhibition that celebrates the 400th anniversary of Francesco Morosini, since it preserves the entire historical heritage of the great admiral from the family palace in Campo Santo Stefano inherited in 1895 by the last heir.

Francesco Morosini marked the history of the Serenissima Republic: a four-time Sea captain and the 108th Doge of Venice, since his childhood he showed a strong inclination towards war affairs and as soon as age allowed him, he devoted himself to the military profession and joined the Naval Service of Venice. He had a brilliant career to the point that from an ordinary officer he managed to cover the rank of general captain. Morosini was the brainchild and leader of the last great expansion campaign of the Venetian Republic in the Morean war against the Turks. After a series of brilliant operations, in a few days he captured Athens and thanks to this magnificent victory Morosini was awarded the title of " ‘Peloponnesiacus’. In 1688, following the death of the Doge, Francesco Morosini was elected his successor and remained the Commander in Chief of the Fleet, a twice exceptional event because a Doge had never commanded the Army in person and because never before had a Fleet Commander engaged in war been elected Doge.

In 1689, the doge Morosini, struck by illness and in old age, left the Supreme Command and returned to Venice with triumphal honors. But in 1692 the Senate, worried about the success of military operations in the Levant, elected Morosini General Sea Captain for the fourth time. By now the brilliant commander was only the shadow of himself: he was 74 years old and had lost all the energy and strength that had sustained him during his countless heroic deeds. The only successes gained from his command were the conquest of Salamis and some smaller places because fever and illness had increasingly confined him to bed.

On January 6, 1964, aged 78, Francesco Morosini died in Nauplia, thus bringing his life as a great commander to an end. The funeral was celebrated in the recently conquered capital of Morea and his heart and bowels were buried in the church of Saint Anthony while his body was taken to the Church of Santo Stefano in Venice. Shortly after his death, the Senate decreed that a marble arch with carvings of his great achievements, would be built in the Hall of Scrutiny of the Doge’s Palace.

At the Correr Museum, the exhibition in Venice in 2019 dedicated to Francesco Morosini will take you back in time to when the last hero of the Serenissima Republic spent his life fighting the most arduous battles: paintings, sculptures and prints will make you relive every moment of Morosini's life and besides these, volumes, documents, military and political memorabilia and personal belongings will tell you of a man who was proud, eccentric, self-centered, honorable and gifted with a great devotion to the state whilst at the same time being courageous and a skilled strategist and diplomat.

However, even this brave leader had a ‘tender side’: due to his marked isogeny he never married but he had one great love, his cat, from which he never separated. When his beloved animal died, the Doge had it embalmed and today it is still possible to see it in the rooms of the Civic Museum of Natural History.

The Morosini Doge Museum Correr exhibition will simply leave you speechless: over two hundred exhibits including personal items, books, harbor maps, globes, finds from classical Greek art, military documents, naval and fortresses models, trophies, weapons seized from the Ottomans, will transport you into the atmosphere of the incredible and glorious battles of the Serenissima Republic commanded by his last greatest hero, Francesco Morosini.

Buy your online ticket for the Correr Museum: the exhibition at Museum Correr in Venice on Doge Morosini: the last hero of the Serenissima between history and myth’ is included in the admission ticket to the museum!


Francesco Morosini exhibition 2019 in Venice at Correr Museum visiting times

  • From 1 November to 31 March

           from 10.30 to 17.00 (the ticket office closes at 16.30)

  • From 1 April to 31 October

           from 10.00 to 19.00 (the ticket office closes at 18.30)

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Period: From 28 June 2019 to 06 January 2020

Event location: Correr Museum, St Mark's Square, Venice


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