The Magnum photography exhibition Italy and the Italians: through the lenses of the Magnum photographers comes to Vicenza for one of the most evocative photo exhibits in Italy of today

From 21 September 2012 to 20 January 2013


From 21 September 2012, the interesting Magnum photos Italy and the Italians: through the lenses of the Magnum photographers will be shown in Vicenza, in the Palazzo Leoni Montanari. The great travelling exhibition planned for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy arrives in Vicenza after being shown in the Royal Palace of Turin, Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano in Naples and London during the Olympics.

Curated by the historic Magnum agency, a fascinating Magnum photo exhibition in Vicenza that invites you to explore some of the nuances of Italy of today.

Included in the Culture Project, which provides a number of initiatives to enhance the cultural and artistic heritage of Italy, the magnum photography exhibition Italy and the Italians offers a fascinating glimpse of contemporary photography, divided into various themes curated by nine top photographers of the Magnum agency.

Inspired by the experience of the Grand Tour the journey through Europe which in the past was a critical step in the formation of the more educated classes Magnum photographers have crossed Italy, creating an unprecedented report on the contemporary reality of our country, focusing on different points of view.

More than 400 extraordinary shots of Magnum photography to capture glimpses of the Italian reality of our times. A country where history and tradition intertwine and collide with innovation and modernity, where the ancient foundations of our cities must meet the new planning requirements and where industries create strange upheavals in uncultivated landscapes, including paradoxes and harmonies.

It is an encounter between tradition and renewal, where the environment and humans coexist among old and new: a photographic exhibition of contrasts and similarities that presents a fascinating journey through past and present, photo exhibits of Italy discussing habits, relationships, present and future, marginalization and solidarity.

The themes illustrated by Magnum photography develop in space and time: Sea(Christopher Anderson an element that entirely surrounds Italy and that has continually influenced its history and existence; New Walls (Donovan Wylie) that characterizes every aspect of the cultural landscape widespread over much of Italy; Together (Richard Kalvar) sharing spaces and links between Italy; New Squares (Mikhael Subotzky) the new meeting places in Italy which have now replaced the historic venues of the past; Places of memory (Mark Power the main beauties of a country that holds the world record for artistic heritage sites that have been declared part of the World Heritage; We, the other (Bruce Gilden) looks at the Italian people marginalized in hospitals, slums and prisons; The artificial (Harry Gruyaert) in search of the precarious balance between progress and nature; Ingenuity (Alex Majoli) strength of the made in Italy that combines skills and creativity; Portraits (Paolo Pellegrin) 150 photographs of young Italians, the future of the country.

On the occasion of the Magnum photography exhibition at Palazzo Montanari, there are also numerous events that will animate Vicenza for the duration of the exhibition.

Mikhael Subotzky, Bruce Gilden, Christopher Anderson, Paolo Pellegrin, Donovan Wylie, Harry Gruyaert, Alex Majoli, Mark Power and Richard Kalvar: all come from the group of Magnum photographers who have created one of the most extraordinary photo exhibitions in Italy and that will be on show at Palazzo Leoni Montanari Vicenza.

Italy and the Italians, an exhibition to outline the delicacy and uniqueness of a country in relation to modern issues, including its strengths, feelings and weaknesses: a Magnum photography exhibition of Italy and on Italy today.

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Period: From 21 September 2012 to 20 January 2013

Event location: Palazzo Leoni Montanari - Gallerie dItaliaContra Santa Corona, 25 Vicenza

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