The Middle Ages in the Dolomites - The treasures of the ancient hospices of the Cordevole Valley

From 05 November 2010 to 30 August 2011

The Diocese Museum in Feltre is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the ancient hospices of the Veneto Dolomites. These establishments sprang up across Europe around the middle of the 12th century with the purpose of offering shelter at any time of the day to those in need, without making any distinctions. The Cordevole Valley, a narrow passageway between Belluno and Agordo, has a long standing tradition of hospitality, which has generated many historic and artistic testimonies of great value. For the first time these treasures are presented to the public in an educational arrangement that illustrates and reconstructs their origins. Particularly valuable are the illuminated manuscripts, later gathered inside the archives of the Monastery of Vedana, but originally collated in these ancient hospices, and two precious codes belonging to the Chapter of the Canons of Belluno, presently kept at the Lolliniana Library of the Gregorian Seminary in Belluno. These are an Antifonario and a Divine Commedy, both from the 14th century and finely decorated with miniatures. On top of these elements the rooms of the museums hold paintings and sculptures belonging to the Monastery, amongst them a 15th century plate from a German artist, the 1645 Twelve Disciples originating from the Church of San Gottardo, an icon of Crete and Venetian origin, a reliquary bust of St Silvestre brought to Vedana from the Monastery of Florence and the masterpieces of Sebastian Ricci. Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1p.m. and 2p.m. to 6p.m. Tickets 4, concessions 3.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff