The most beautiful nativity sets in Veneto, Italy for Christmas 2012

From 25 November 2012 to 03 February 2013


Among the numerous Christmas events in Italy, the nativity sets in Veneto will animate the sparkling Christmas festivals in Italy during the whole month of December. The long and diverse list of crche nativity in Italy in the Veneto region for 2012 should be noted.

Located throughout the country and with unique features that reflect the different Veneto Christmas traditions, the numerous exhibitions of nativity sets from Italy in the Veneto region have a common bond, the Catholic spirit of the celebration of Christmas, enriched by settings that reflect values and the everyday life of a particular community.

The Christmas nativities in Italy in Veneto, staged with the help of volunteers and craftsmen who work with care and passion to finish everything in detail, is one of the most genuine and charming Christmas events in Venice, Italy.

In addition to Italian nativity sets with classical statues, and the numerous presepiù in Veneto to see, those in particular worth mentioning are the charming local Venice Christmas festivals that are held in various locations: amongst the figurants in costume, animals and spoken parts, the living nativity scenes in Italy at Christmas are an event to mark in your diary.

The nativities in Italy to visit in Veneto for Christmas 2012 are many and varied: here is a small list with the most beautiful Italian nativity sets in Veneto, divided into provinces.

Italian Nativity in Belluno

08.12.12-03.02.13 - Animated and electronic nativity scene in Longarone;

01.12.12-06.01.13 - The town of Nativities in Sappada;

02.12.12-06.01.13 - A nativity route in Rocca Pietore;

08.12.12-13.01.13 - in Perarolo di Cadore;

Italian Nativity in Padova and its province

25.12.12-06.01.13 - in the Saints Basilica in Padova;

15.12.12-15.01.13 - Nativity on the water in Battaglia Terme;

Italian Nativity in Rovigo

08.12.12-13.01.13 - Nativity on the water in Adria;

08.12.12-13.01.13 - Nativity in the world in Trecenta;

Italian Nativity in Treviso

25.12.12-03.02.13 - Artistic Nativity in Segusino;

16/23/25/16/30.12.12 and 01/06/13.01.13 - Nativity exhibition in Cison di Valmarino;

08.12.1206.01.13 - at the castle of Castelfranco Veneto;

16.12.12-06.01.13 - A mechanical nativity Presepe in Vittorio Veneto;

Italian Nativity in the province of Venice

15.12.12-06.01.13 - An exhibition of 100 nativity scenes in Spinea;

08.12.12-03.02.13 - Jesolo Sand Nativity;

22.12.12-13.01.13 - Nativity exhibition at the villa in Ceggia;

25.12.12-01.02.13 - Artisitc nativity in Fossò;

Italian Nativity in Verona and its province

01.12.12-20.01.13 - An international nativity exhibition at the Verona Arena;

15.12.12-15.01.13 - A giant nativity scene in Soave;

08.12.12-07.01.13 - Nativity by the lake at Peschiera del Garda;

07.12.1220.01.13 - An exhibition of crafted and artistic nativity scenes in Bovolone;

Italian Nativity in Vicenza and its province

25.11.12-08.01.13 - An exhibition of Missionary Nativity Scenes in Vicenza;

25.12.12-27.01.13 - An exhibition of 100 Nativity scenes in Rotzo;

17.12.12-14.01.13 - An exhibition of ceramic nativity scenes in Nove;

25.12.12-06.01.13 - Scalabrini nativity scenes in Bassano del Grappa;

25.11.12-20.01.13 - The soul of Christmas by Margaret Pavesi Mazzoni in Bassano del Grappa

Some living nativity scenes in Italy in Veneto:

Padova: 25/26/30.12.12 and 06/13/20/27.01.13 - Living nativity scene at San Pietro in Gu;

25.02.12-28.01.13 - Living nativity scene at Vigonza.

Rovigo: 26.12.12 - Living nativity in Fratta Polesine.

Treviso: 26/30.12.12 and 06/13.01.13 - Living nativity in Revine Lago.

Christmas in Veneto, Italy can be the perfect opportunity to spend time with your family, experience the festive atmosphere of Christmas and to visit the presepiù in Veneto. Treat yourself to a few days in one of the many base to stay in Veneto to discover the traditions of the various towns of the region and visiting the beautiful Christmas nativity sets from Italy in Veneto!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 25 November 2012 to 03 February 2013

Event location: Veneto