The Prodigy

15 July 2009

Warriors Dance in Sherwood parkThe Sherwood Festival hosts the only Northern Italian date for the Prodigy, promoting their new album Invaders must Die.

The album sees the group (Liam Howlett Keith Flint Maxim) reawakened after a four-year-long sleep, re-evoking their former glories with tracks such as Thunder with its reminiscence of a post epoch rave party. Invaders Must Die in fact can be seen as a type of homage to that era, to the times of the height of the rave craze which generated so many counter culture genres such as Dubstep.

Celebrating their triumphant return the album shot to number 1 in the UK charts after just a week and led to two sell-out dates at Wembly Arena.

Their live set promises to be a true spectacle, fusing dance with their trademark wildness, and combining traditional instruments with hi-tech synths in a primal explosion of animal spirits.

Concert begins 9.30p.m.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 15 July 2009

Event location: Sherwood Festival, Parcheggio Nord Stadio Euganeo - Padua

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