The Regatta delle Befane on the Epiphany Festival in Venice

06 January 2013

For a great Epiphany in Venice, Italy the Regatta delle Befane Venezia will offer entertainment and shows for adults and children, including sweets, tradition and fun.

One of the great classics in Venice in January 2013, the Regatta delle Befane in Venezia, held every year to celebrate the Epiphany in Venice, is one of the most traditional events in Venice on January 6.

A timeless way to celebrate this important Christian festival of Epiphany in harmony with the essence of the city ... The Regata delle Befane 2013 opens the season of the great Venice events 2013!The successful tradition of the Regatta delle Befane started as a joke in 1978, when two friends decided to 'compete' against each other on a mascareta, a traditional one oar boat, in a mask. In little more than thirty years this casual game has become one of the most anticipated Venice events January 2013, a perfect blend of history and entertainment.

Competing in the traditional Venice regatta on the Epiphany in Venice are five former members of the prestigious Canottieri Bucintoro Society, dressed as witches: wearing wigs, colourful skirts and large shawls, the will offer those who are taking part in this event a truly unique experience.

The route of the Regatta delle Befane winds along the Grand Canal from San Toma to the Rialto Bridge, which is decorated for the occasion with a big stocking hanging close to the point of arrival.

The first rowing competition of the New Year, the Regata delle Befane in Venezia is one of the most popular Venice regattas.

The winner of the Epiphany race is welcomed with mulled wine, sweets and classic Venetian songs and awarded a flag, a symbol of victory in the first race of the year in Venice.

The Regata delle Befane 2013 begins at 11 am in San Toma, but also for those who want to take part in the lively preparations, you can attend the investiture of the witches at the Salt Warehouse.

Spend the Epiphany in Venice: stay in one of the fabulous hotels in Venice and immerse yourself in the magic of this enchanting city during the winter and take part in this fascinating event in Venice in January 2013 along the Grand Canal.

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Period: 06 January 2013

Event location: Venice

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