The theatre of futility 2011 Season

From 22 January 2011 to 17 April 2011

The Theatre of Futility, a 70 seat theatre offering high quality and professional performances, with short and reasonably priced events, is opening its stage again and presenting its 2011 calendar. From Saturday 22nd January to 17th April 2011 there will be five exhibitions presented by professionals from national companies together with productions from the theatre itself, such as the acclaimed Heart of Mother (part of the Thursday events) and the events for the childrens theatre.

After the opening on 22nd January with the unscheduled Nudi e crudi with the splendid pair Adolfo Margiotta and Massimo Olcese, a duo well known by the Zelig aficionados, the Theatre of Futility presents on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th February (with repeats on Saturday at 9pm and Sunday at 6pm) the second event of this season: Orphans, a family drama written by Dennis Kelly with the direction of Matteo Alfonso and Tommaso Benvenuti and staged by the company NIM Neurons in Movement, founded in 2006 by six young actors and graduates at the Acting Schools of the Stable Theatre of Genoa.

The third event, on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March (with repeats on Saturday at 9pm and Sunday at 6pm is Barbara Bregants Siege, a production of the Accademis degli Sventati (literally Academy of Scatterbrains with Serena Di Blasio and Barbara Mosolo, under the direction of Nicoletta Oscuro. A wholly feminine performance with four young artists who try to cope with the sadness of things and react with the rescuing effects of emotions.

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April (with repeats on Saturday at 9pm and Sunday at 6pm) the theatre of Futility is housing Metal scraps by and with Manuela Guaiana, under the direction of Eva Cambiale. An exhibition on those souls that remain on the fringe and possibly thought of as scraps and meander unwittingly at the border, waiting for somebody willing to listen to them and rescue them, but show nonetheless great strength in their efforts to remain afloat: a dog, a prostitute, an insane person, a Brazilian dishwasher, an old lady. The season will draw to a close on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April (with repeats on Saturday at 9pm and Sunday at 6pm) with the satirical and clownish fable Funky pudding, staged by the Company En Croq, with and by L. Ciotta and A. Dedieu, under the direction of Philip Radice. Funky Pudding is an exhibition of clowns that tries to overturn the delicate balance separating people from their waste, man from society, to convey via the madness of clowns the idea of what wasting truly means.

From 10th March the Theatre introduces a novelty: every Thursday evening from 10th March to 14th April at 9pm, for six consecutive Thursdays, the stage will be taken by Heart of Mother by Michela Salice, with Marta Bettuolo under the direction of Stefano Eros Macchi, the artistic director of the theatre.

On top of the adults showings, there will also be two events for the younger ones: Sunday 30th January at 4pm The gnomes house with and by Lucia Oseliieri and Sunday 27th February at 4pm A fantastic trip inside a shell by the Cargo Theatre of Genova under the direction of L. Siciliano.

Tickets:Adults 11 euros Children 7 euros

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Period: From 22 January 2011 to 17 April 2011

Event location: Via Agordat, 5 - Padova

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