Theater in Verona

From 02 November 2010 to 10 April 2011

A city ideally linked to Shakespeare, who set three of his poems here, Verona, is once again, demonstrating it has a strong calling for theatre with the latest edition of its Verona Summer Theatre Festival, which despite the name, spans the four seasons with a listing that contains perfectly arranged and above all, beautifully represented performances. Whilst waiting for summer proper with its open locations, there will be no time to feel melancholic, instead aficionados will be able to warm up from November 2010 to April 2011 with the best plays and most acclaimed actors and dancers at the Nuovo Theatre and the Camploy Theatre with their listings Il Grande Teatro (The Gran Theatre Divertiamoci a Teatro (Lets have fun at Theatre) and LAltro Teatro (The Other Theatre the latter a list of non traditional and innovative theatre events and contemporary dance, whose detailed listings will be soon released. With regards to Il Grande Teatro at the Nuovo Teatro, all is already known. A breath-taking list of performances, with different styles and the best-known names from all around the world so that the highest entertainment will be guaranteed, thanks also to the traditional ambience of this theatre. There will be eight performances: two of Carlo Goldoni, one from the well-known Almodvar film All about my mother, one from the highly-acclaimed Jorge Amado book Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, plus others from Molire, Pirandello, Beckett and the Neapolitan Theatre. All the actors and directors are an additional guarantee and the reason, as much as the listed plays, for the attraction of this event. We are referring to: Elisabetta Pozzi, Gabriele Lavia, Caterina Murino, Carlo Giuffr, Angelo Pagano, Enzo Vetrano, Stefano Randisi, Eugenio Allegri, Natalino Balasso, Jurij Ferrini, Ugo Pagliai e Eros Pagni. A total of forty-eight performances with the opening on November 2nd. Events are held from Tuesday through to Sunday. These events will be alternated with those from "Divertiamoci a Teatro" (Lets have fun at theatre) with such listings as Suoceri sull'orlo di una crisi di nervi, Aria precaria, Se no i xe mati, no li volemo, il gaberiano E pensare che c'era il pensiero, Non c' più il futuro di una volta, Chat a due piazze, Ciao Frankie e Italiani si nasce e noi lo nacquimo. Divertiamoci a Teatro has important names too: Gianfranco D'Angelo, Eleonora Giorgi, Nin Salerno, Paola Tedesco, Ale & Franz, Virginio Gazzolo, Giancarlo Previati, Lino Spadaro, Michele Modesto Casarin, Maddalena Crippa, Aicardi, Formicola, Pistarino, Freyrie, Fabio Ferrari, Lorenza Mario, Gianluca Ramazzotti, Miriam Mesturino, Raffaele Pisu, Massimo Lopez, Maurizio Micheli and Tullio Solenghi.

The events are organized by the Culture Department of the Verona Municipality with the collaboration of Arteven, the Ministry of Culture and Veneto Region.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 02 November 2010 to 10 April 2011

Event location: Teatro Nuovo Teatro CamployVerona

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