'Tre Oci Tre Mostre' at the Casa dei Tre Oci

Experience the art of photography in Venice!

From 07 February 2015 to 13 April 2015


Among the photography exhibitions in Venice in 2015 we are proud to announce 'Tre Oci Tre Mostre Exhibition', held at the Casa dei Tre Oci, Venice, Giudecca Island, from 7th February to 12th April 2015.

This unprecedented art exhibition in Venice 2015 shows through more than 200 shots how photography is capable of interpreting the idea of change and the use of new languages.

Now in its successful third edition, the format Tre Oci Tre mostra on Giudecca will officially open the exhibition season for 2015 at the Casa dei Tre Oci, Venice and be entirely dedicated to photography. This fascinating photography exhibit in Venice is spread over several floors in the splendid Tre Oci Palace in Venice, a symbol of Venetian architecture dating back to the 1900s directly overlooking the St Mark's basin.

On the ground floor, the exhibition at the Three Oci Venice opens with 'Private looks ', sixty Italian portraits in black and white and colour. Photographs by Francesco Maria Colombo '. The images shown in this first section of the Tre Oci Giudecca exhibition portray some known personalities of Italian culture such as actors, writers, scientists, philosophers and musicians, photographed by the Master Francesco Maria Colombo, capturing their intimacy and reading their heart. Toni Servillo, Dario Fo, Claudia Gerini, Luciana Savignano Margherita Hack and others are portrayed in their natural context, opening themselves up in front of the camera lens with authentic and natural poses.

On the main floor, 'The Venetian galleries and photography': on the occasion of this special Venice photography exhibition, the casa dei Tre Oci on Giudecca in Venice has chosen to house six Venetian galleries that for many years have been working in the field of photography. The goal is to raise awareness, promote and study the culture of Venetian photography and thus provide several points of reflection.

Bugno Art Gallery: the Giudecca photography exhibition at the Tre Oci presents Veneto-based Luca Campigotto and Milan-based Paolo Ventura, both with a particular sensitivity to the issue of war; to them is juxtaposed the visual artist Venetian Andrea Morrucchio.

Ikona Gallery: the first Venetian gallery to cover photography in Venice and now showcasing a Venice photography exhibition at the Palazzo dei Tre Oci of great masters such as William Klein and Helmut Newton, but also emerging artists as the young Venetian David Weber.

The Giorgio Mastinu Fine Art Gallery is showing at the Tre Oci at Giudecca in Venice an original series of anonymous photographs collected in many parts of the world from the late 19th century to the early seventies, while the Michela Rizzo Gallery chooses to present the works of Gabriele Basilico , a great Italian artist, who died recently, who has managed to establish himself internationally.

The Salizada Gallery juxtaposes the painting like photographs of Luisa Menazzi Moretti to the creativity of Elio Ciol, one of the most important Italian photographers.

Gallery Upp, finally, presents at the Venice Tre Oci museum one of the Venice exhibitions in 2015 of photography covering the work of the Polish artist Michal Martychowiec and those of Rachel Maistrello, young and talented Venetian artist.

On the second floor of the Tre Oci Venice photography centre, the historic Venice photography club 'La Gondola' presents three exhibitions: 'What Remains of the Day', inspired by the famous film by James Ivory, a subject dealt with by the 31 members of the Club in their shots. The aim of each one of them is to be able to share with the viewer their memory formed not only by the most important episodes of their lives, but especially by small events and details that have been able to give to their existence exciting and unforgettable moments.

An entire room of the building is then dedicated to the winners of 'Decisive Moments', a portfolio lecture held in January 2014: Andrea White with 'Faces', Monia Perissinotto with 'Havana' and Elisa Gambino with 'Sons of the Wind' are only some of the authors selected to present their work during the 'Tre oci Tre mostre' photo exhibition .

The last exhibition prepared by the La Gondola Club to enrich this unmissable Venice exhibition 2015 photography is dedicated to the presentation of 'Stefano Robino's positive Italy. Photographs 1951 - 1969', the great reporter made famous by the photographic representations dedicated to his work place, the Fiat Group. Sixty original shots in black and white, including some unpublished ones, representing the daily work in shipyards and workshops, focusing in particular on the relationship between the workers and the big machines. In this regard, the President of the La Gondola Photographic Club, Manfredo Manfroi, curator of this original 'Tre Oci Tre Mostre exhibition in Venice, states that "a long time after the end of his productive work, a conscious critical review has re-evaluated Robino's work and given him the recognition he deserves in the history of Italian photography; a considerable achievement, a safe and original example that maybe will still gives us many surprises. "

But what is and how did the Casa T re Oci Venice start ? The Venice Foundation has always been active in the promotion and development of the Venice area and has acquired, over the years, various archives and photographic collections that have been dedicated to the dissemination of photographic culture in Italy and, in particular, in Venice. With this in mind, the Casa dei Tre Oci, defined by industry experts as the 'home of photography', was opened to the public: it is a very important venue for art exhibitions in Venice, seminars, workshops, conferences and monographic exhibitions of the most valuable international photographers. The project Tre Oci is developed in collaboration with Civita Tre Venezie and with the support of Veneto Banca and Veneta Graphics.

From 7 February to 12 April 2015, do not miss in Venice the 'Tre Oci Tre Mostre exhibition'. This art exhibition in 20115 in Venice will take you on an exciting journey through photography!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 07 February 2015 to 13 April 2015

Event location: Casa dei Tre Oci

Contacts: For additional information on ‘Tre Oci Tre Mostre’ Giudecca Fotografia - http://bit.ly/1DALpkf