'Tre Oci Tre Mostre' at the Casa dei Tre Oci

New photographic exhibitions on the Giudecca Island

From 23 January 2016 to 28 March 2016


From 23 January to 28 March, do not miss ' Tre Oci Tre Mostre at the Casa dei tre Oci on the Giudecca Island' the new photography exhibition in Venice in 2016 that should not be missed, hosted in the beautiful Casa Tre Oci on the Giudecca Island!

Now in its 4th edition, the successful photography in Venice exhibition at the Casa dei tre Oci has once again proved able to renew itself by proposing new comparisons and insights on contemporary photography and the great Venetian tradition. At the Casa dei Tre Oci on Giudecca the new art exhibition in Venice in 2016 presents more than 220 photography shots, divided into three exhibitions, able to tell how modern photography moves in a transversal way towards the overcoming of genres. It is impossible to find a common thread to this original exhibition of photography in Venice, Italy except for the background, our beautiful city on water, which is also the protagonist of some of the images on display.

As per consolidated tradition, these fascinating art exhibitions in Venice in 2016 will be housed in the magnificent Palazzo Tre Oci on Giudecca in Venice, a symbol of the Venetian architecture from the beginning of 1900s that overlooks the fascinating St Mark's basin.

On the ground floor, the Tre Oci photo exhibition in Venice opens with the Photo Club La Gondola that articulates its exhibition into three sections:

  • Alice's mirror inspired by the title of a short story by Lewis Carroll's 'Through the Glass', the first part of the Venice photography exhibition at Tre Oci in Venice, is dedicated to the contrast, increasingly urgent in contemporary photography, between reality and photographic images. More and more often a photograph can go beyond a simple 'static display' and transport the viewer into a dimension open to different interpretations, just as in the mirror of Alice. The 39 photographs of this Venice photography exhibition at the Casa dei Tre Oci on Giudecca, in 2016, are thus intended to invite the visitor to reflect and to find an alternative hypotheses to the represented objects.
  • NeroSubianco: curated by Manfredo Manfroi, the second part of the Venice photography exhibition at the Casa dei Tre Oci on Giudecca 43 in Venice has 28 images that summarize the expressive trends that developed in Italy in the period between 1950 and 1960. From these shots there are two main lines: the first reveals a strong attachment to the pictorial scenes in the early 15th century, representing the sunny atmospheres of our country through low contrasts; the second orientation instead opts for a photograph with low tones, which could almost suggest ancestry expressionist.
  • Female Glances: the Casa dei Tre Oci, Venice, devotes a room to the winners of the 2015 portfolio readings Women's Looks. Catherine Burlini's 'Flora' tries to blend nature and the female figure; Francesca Cesari's 'In the room' reproduces the intimacy of breastfeeding until the baby falls asleep; 'Istanbul' by Monia Perissinotto is rather an emotional journey intended to express 'the one who investigates [her] stranger being'.


On the main floor, 'Visions of Venice': during this particular and fascinating Venice photography exhibition, the Casa dei Tre Oci on Giudecca has chosen to host the brand new multi-year project of Roberto Polillo photos dedicated to Venice. Long exposures and different shooting movements show Venice in a kind of 'image-watercolour' that cast the city in an eternal and almost surreal dimension. Roberto Polillo photos use photography as an emotional medium to explore Venice in its variations, its different seasons and times of the day: the city is then carried into an almost human dimension, able to express different feelings and moods. Solar, desolate, bright , mysterious, sombre, melancholy and despaired, it is capable of capturing and engaging the visitor's eye in all its facets!

On the second floor, the Tre Oci exhibition presents Giulio Obici 'The flâneur detective'. Advertising posters, shop windows, places and rusty electoral billboards…Images in which objects become subjects and man becomes an object among others. On display at the Tre Oci on Giudecca there are 68 images, including 50 unpublished photos, which make up a sort of diary of Italy from which there emerges a sense of decadence and mediocrity, approval and degradation made even more intense by the total absence of colour. In fact, Giulio Obici has always worked with black and white. The visitor to this original Venice photography exhibition, at the Tre Oci on Giudecca will remain impressed by the sense of loss expressed by the photos of Giulio Obici and find more insights and correlations of thought in the combinations they reproduce.

But how was the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice established? The Fondation of Venice has always been active in the promotion and development of the lagoon area, and over the years has acquired various archives and photographic collections which it then decided to dedicate to the dissemination of photographic culture in Italy and, especially, in Venice. With this in mind the Casa dei Tre Oci international photography centre was opened, defined by industry experts as the home of photography. It has become over recent years one of the most important venues for art exhibitions in Venice, Italy, hosting artists such as Giovanni Berengo Gardin, Elliott Erwitt and Sebastiao Salgado and also seminars, workshops, and conferences.

The project Tre Oci on Giudecca is developed in collaboration with Civita Tre Venezie and with the support of Veneto Banca and Grafica Veneta.

From 23 January to 28 March 2016, do not miss the Venice photography exhibition at the Casa dei Tre Oci on Giudecca Island in Venice for an exciting journey of photography!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff