Treviso Marathon 2013

03 March 2013

One of the most anticipated Italian marathons in March 2013 is almost upon us: the Treviso Marathon 2013!On Sunday 3 March the Maratona di Treviso celebrates its tenth anniversary with an extraordinary new feature: three distinct routes, which will join around the 23rd km, starting from three beautiful locations in the heart of Treviso - Vittorio Veneto, Vidor and Ponte di Piave.

Returning to the formula already used in the 2008 Treviso Marathon, the Maratona di Treviso 2013 celebrates in style the ten years of great racing and intense emotions, placing it as one of the top Italian marathons!The Treviso Marathon, Italy classic final will be the same: arriving right in the heart of the beautiful historic centre of Treviso.

The athletes will have a race bib of different colours depending on the choice of route at the Treviso Marathon timing. The traditional route of the marathon 2013, Vittorio - Treviso, will be marked with the colour white, the stretch starting from Vidor will be green while the runners who start from the Treviso Marathon Piave Bridge will have a red bib. When the three paths re-join, the white, green and red flags will create an attractive 3 colour feature for the entire second half of the race.

Called the 'New York of Italy' for the great audience participation along the way, the Treviso Marathon is one of the best Italian marathons with the largest number of members - including many participants from Treviso - and the highest technical level. An international marathon due to its distance of 42.195 kilometres, the Treviso Marathon draws, since its first edition in 2004, thousands of national and international athletes attracted by the beautiful scenery encountered in this area of Veneto.

The Marca Treviso area is a classic example of 'good living' which includes typical Italian countryside, a combination of art, history and nature enriched with a warm hospitality and friendly atmosphere. For the entire weekend of the Treviso Marathon, the Italy Marathons Calendar will be set in motion to make it feel like home to the numerous athletes and the crowds encouraging them. From the organizers to the volunteers, the numerous events and hotels in Treviso ... a significant part of the success of the marathon is due to the perfect surroundings!The Maratona di Treviso is one of the biggest sporting events in Veneto: offering three alternatives, different routes of great interest that will join together shortly before the mid-race stage to make the last stretch of the Treviso Marathon, to arrive from Ponte Priula in Treviso.

The start of the Treviso Marathon 2013 is done in three! A winning formula adapted from the 2008 edition, which will become the route of the Treviso Marathon 2013 and pass through as many as 18 municipalities in the province of Treviso: a true record for the Treviso Italy marathon in 2013!The Treviso Marathon Expo Run the marathon official exhibition centre will be located once again at 'La Ghirada', a large green area close to the centre of Treviso dedicated to sport and leisure.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff